Inspired by Dutch goes the Photo: Connect

…your challenge is to capture anything that either connects or with which you feel connected.


connect branches

A sea of mismatched branches growing en mass caught my eye this weekend – as I was walking alone in the woods. Not another soul in sight.

All balanced just so…yet not making any sense to me.

I couldn’t help but wonder…why (or how) the branches came to grow in such a way. Haphazardly entwined and still surviving. What happened? A confusing sight to which I felt oddly drawn to. Snapping photo after photo.

Was nature imitating life in this current upside down world?

Forging a way to connect, however tenuously. Reaching out. Over and under and through the unknown. Despite the obstacles.

Somehow holding on.

9 thoughts on “Connecting

  1. I love this photo! Beauty is its own truth, I think, and its own meaning.

    You really have such a fine eye … I really love the things you take pictures of, for the most part. So do lots of other folks, apparently! I think this one is really special.

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    1. Thank you. I also love your comment: “Beauty is its own truth…” I think that really crystallizes what pulled me in. Thanks too for your kind words. I am glad you “see” what I see in what I photograph – This one was extra special to me too. 🙂


  2. WOW, this a fabulous post–I love the way your thoughts flow; and to me, the photo is most beautiful, suggesting quiet strength, perhaps?

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      1. You’re most welcome–your photos are different from many others…I always look at them and ponder, as there’s more to see than what’s one the surface.

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