Where the heck is that squirrel?


Dutch goes the Photo: Animals


IMG_0926 copy
Taco & Lutra on the Lookout
December 2019

L: I told you I saw a squirrel!

T: Nope, it was a cat.

L: Hey, this is my house, I know what I saw.

T: Just because you live here it doesn’t mean you’re smarter.

L: Yeah it does. My humans think I’m really smart.

T: Whatever. I’ll give you this one cuz you’re older.

L: Hey! a few white whiskers don’t mean I can’t see.

T: Maybe. Maybe not.

L: Don’t argue with me or I’ll get my little human to chase you…

T: Like I said…whatever…but it WAS a cat.


Inspired by Dutch goes the Photo: Connect

…your challenge is to capture anything that either connects or with which you feel connected.


connect branches

A sea of mismatched branches growing en mass caught my eye this weekend – as I was walking alone in the woods. Not another soul in sight.

All balanced just so…yet not making any sense to me.

I couldn’t help but wonder…why (or how) the branches came to grow in such a way. Haphazardly entwined and still surviving. What happened? A confusing sight to which I felt oddly drawn to. Snapping photo after photo.

Was nature imitating life in this current upside down world?

Forging a way to connect, however tenuously. Reaching out. Over and under and through the unknown. Despite the obstacles.

Somehow holding on.

Right before dark

Inspired by Frank at Dutch goes the Photo: Spread

Given the current pandemic, I thought it might be of interest to take a different approach to the theme of Spread… While the spread of a virus is not welcome, a nice dinner spread or bread spread or even bed spread might be appreciated!


I love this time of day…

spreading clouds

…right before dark.

Even with clouds spread overhead…

…glimmers of light sift through.

I like to think of it as the blanket effect.

Comforting and safe underneath.

It All Adds Up

Inspired by Frank at Dutch goes the Photo: Number

I look forward to the innumerable ways you can approach this theme!



cash book


I have always been a numbers person. When I was in grade school, I made numbered lists of favorite books, colors, records…even friends. When something was numbered, it took on a distinctive degree of significance. And importance.

It was also a way to organize. I numbered all my 45s onto a corresponding divider matched up with their titles, all stored in a bright green case.

The importance of numbers became crystal clear when I started earning money in high school. I quickly realized that saving money – after earning it – was the ticket to the independence I had been craving since entering my teens.

Not surprisingly, my habit of keeping diaries and journals morphed into meticulous record keeping of money spent and money earned. This was back in the days of cash or check. I still have the record of every penny I spent in my last few years of college. Numbers paved the way to learning how to budget. This turned out to be a crucial skill a few years later when raising a family on a limited income.

But I didn’t know that back then.

In 1974 I was still living in a dormitory…on a meal plan paid for by my parents. Food was not a major expense, but other “essentials” added up…

numbers 1

Apparently record albums were a priority…

numbers 2

Numbers added up more significantly once I moved to an off campus apartment the following year…

numbers 3

…when a garbage can, spatulas and beer mugs took the place of record albums on my list of spending priorities.

At least for a while.

Guitar Action

Inspired by Frank at Dutch goes the Photo: Action

…there are multiple interpretations available to you, so feel free to represent the action of your choosing.


I was intrigued.

Action…I could use one of the many cute and adorable action shots of my cute and adorable grandson. Or…from the dusty archives…my cute and adorable children…back in the day when they were little. I have plenty of those.


It’s been cloudy and drizzly and snowy today. Flat even light filled my open concept living room. Lots of windows.

Perfect for a pseudo photo studio setup…

Which takes a certain amount of action on my part. Clearing off a presentable surface in front of a suitable window. Pushing furniture to the side. Finding a step stool to stand on. Two actually – one for each foot for balance – so I don’t tumble through the plate glass window.

All before what’s left of the light disappears.

Then figuring out there are five latches on my husband’s guitar case. Why that’s necessary, I’ll never know. Time passes.

For those not familiar with all things guitar…

Acoustic guitar action refers to the height of the strings above the fretboard. It is also used to describe the general feel and playability of a guitar. Generally a guitar’s string height is measured at the 12th fret….Action is also measured at the first fret.

guitar action one copy
The 12th fret marker

It is generally frowned upon if your guitar action is set too low (the strings are too close to the fretboard). Strings may then buzz during your rendition of – for example – “This Land Is Your Land” or “Good Morning, Blues.” I’m not sure how it would affect the opening to “Stairway to Heaven,” but if it did…not good.

Obviously action is very important when it comes to guitars.

That’s the extent of my knowledge on the subject.

guitar action three

I am sure this guitar – which has seen a lot of action – is not set too high or too low.

Making beautiful music…it’s just right.

Time for a Rest

Inspired by Frank at Dutch goes the Photo: Rest


A baby at rest.

A welcome sight for a sleep deprived new mom.

At 5 months old, my daughter often found it difficult to wind down. Close her eyes and take a rest. A nap even. So many exciting happenings in her baby world. Lights. Smiles. Laughs. Talking. Music. Hugs. Books. Sunshine. Mama’s Milk. Bananas. Cereal. Baby walker exploring. Johnny Jump-Up calisthenics.

She never wanted to miss a thing. Still doesn’t.

Resting happened wherever she happened to be…

resting baby034 2

…which was fine with me.

Happy Birthday Firstborn!