Macro Monday: Hanging On

A tiny shaft of afternoon sun gave center stage to these early fall leaves during a walk a few weeks ago. Representing the only shots of red amongst the bright greens still hanging on nearby.

Suspended from a renegade branch sticking out from the rest, they nearly poked me in the eye.

I took it as a sign.

Okay! Okay! I’ll take your picture!

Macro Monday: Dark Shadow

I discovered a creature of some sort sunning itself on a leaf recently. At first, with the camera focused from above, I thought meh.

However…looking up from below, an entirely different perspective unfolded.

A dark shadow loomed…a silhouette motionless in the sun.

Macro Monday: Sun Gazing

Yesterday I visited a local apple, peach and lots of other fruit orchard. It also featured a socially distant Harvest Festival of sorts. By the time we arrived, however, it was late afternoon – which for me – is perfect camera time.

Behind the buildings selling fruits, local vegetables and their specialty – apple cider donuts – was a huge field of sunflowers. It looked like a convention of yellow…everyone slouching and trying to pay attention.

The sunflowers struggled to lift their faces to the sun. Their drooping leaves and browning petals evidence of the area’s severe drought.

However, as with anything…there are always exceptions…and I did discover a sunflower rising a bit above the rest. Its face backlit and lifted.

I like to think it was posing.

Cee’s Flower of the Day

Macro Monday: Butter & Eggs

butter & eggs wildflower
Butter and Eggs

I discovered these sweet little wildflowers yesterday on a walk along the local river. The chain link fence always provides an interesting backdrop to flower escapees as I like to call them. Flowers and vines and such that Will Not Be Contained.

Mmm. Maybe too much projection going on, but I call it as I see it.

My husband, aka the sometimes expert in residence, (whose father’s business was hunting, collecting and selling wildflowers worldwide) declared I think Dad called these flowers “Butter and Eggs.”

Really?? said I.

Google concurred.

And they do kind of look the part, don’t they?


Cee’s Flower of the Day

Macro Monday: Gotcha!

bee butt

I am always impressed by my fellow bloggers who are so adept at photographing the tiniest members of our nature community.  I try to avoid…at all costs…these many legged creatures who always seem to show up uninvited. (except for butterflies of course!)

One of my favorite (in a weird sort of way) laughing childhood memories (in retrospect, but not at the time) was pointing at an errant spider or mosquito or ant or something tiny and gross crawling up my younger sister’s arm or neck…or even worse…her face. And yelling there’s a bug on you! there’s a bug on you! Followed by much swatting and slapping and inspection and running around. And general – genuine – hysteria.

Or conversely…spying it on myself and jumping around yelling there’s a bug on me! there’s a bug on me!  The fact that I react with massive swelling to bites plus I’m allergic to bee stings didn’t help. It became close to an almost sacred anti-insect ceremony…one of the few things my sister and I bonded over. The trespassers usually saved themselves and escaped.

Apparently now I’m too old or tired to get as wound up about it. A mysterious brown bug fell on my leg in the bathroom this morning. I think it had just woken up too and kept trying to fly away. There’s a bug on me! I grabbed it in a tissue and it was gone. Happy Monday.

So, back to Macro Monday. I waited for this bee to settle down and pose for a photo when visiting a neighborhood flower bed last week…and it kind of did.

My first Bug Photo…even if it is a bee’s butt.


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