Airport Angles

Inspired by Lens-Artist Challenge #59: Angles

During a recent trip home from Washington DC we flew out of Reagan National Airport. The interior of Terminal B caught my eye as I walked from one end to the other before going to the gate. I was intrigued by the amount of artwork and use of the color yellow throughout the architecture. Perhaps for yellow’s calming effect?

Angles…everywhere! At every angle.

I took the first photo at one end of the very long hall looking up at the ceiling…

airport one

The second photo…pivoting to the right, facing the windows and blue sky…

airport two

…a picturesque day for flying.

Cee’s Black & White Photo Challenge: Any Topic

Inspired by Cee’s B&W Photo Challenge: Any Topic


When we downsized in 2016 one of the many things eliminated was more than half of our record collection. Vinyl records…LPs and 45’s. We sold some to a local antique dealer. We sold some at a garage sale. We gave some away. Most we don’t miss. Some we do.

We saved two cabinets’ worth. No way was I parting with my collection of Carole King records or the “Three Bs” Barbra, Bonnie and Bette. Or classic Original Movie and Broadway Cast Recordings…Hello Dolly, West Side Story, Porgy and Bess, Saturday Night Fever…to name just a few. My tattered 4 record set 97 WWDJ/TOP HITS made the cut. My husband and I combined our Beatles collections via negotiating sentimental value of each. My beer stained copies of Meet the Beatles and The Beatles’ Second Album won out. My collections of The Carpenters, Herman’s Hermits and The Moody Blues did not.

Fortunately we still own our original turntable from the 1970s. My musician husband has maintained it meticulously over the years, along with the receiver and multiple wires and jacks and whatever. Including a cassette deck. And a CD player. No wireless mp3 system for us!

He also alphabetized all our music. The records are organized first by genre and then by last name or group. We have a zillion CDs alphabetized the same way. Phew.

One of the two record cabinets sits under the window in the living room area of our condo. Never mind that I flashback to dorm life.

A reminder of when rock was young…

Record Albums – Cabinet #1
(D. Ackles to B. Springsteen)

…and when we were young as well.

[We are also well aware that this collection will be the only thing our daughter and son will probably fight over when we are long gone. I doubt they’ll wish I had saved Close to You or Days of Future Passed….so I can rest easy]


Inspired by Nancy Merrill’s Photo a Week: Yellow



Yellow brightens my day.

Forsythia bushes are my favorite yellow. We had two at our former home…one in each corner of the front yard next to the street. Mother’s Day gifts from my husband and kids. The spot for photos during the few weeks each Spring when they were in full bloom.

I often remember the forsythia from my childhood. It had also marked one corner of the front yard at the house I lived in until I was eleven. I think it actually belonged to the neighbor next door, but its massive branches stretched in all directions…providing the perfect backdrop for family photos of squirmy kids in their Easter finery.

This past Spring my husband and I planted a small forsythia on the edge of the condo property. Within sight of our living room windows. 



We also planted a few daffodil bulbs last Fall. What a delight to see flashes of yellow once again…


…still brightening my days.


Inspired by Frank at Dutch goes the Photo: Lock


As I was visiting my daughter this week, I noticed my old black trunk nestled in the corner of her dining room. Topped with my grandson’s toy trucks parked in a neat row along one edge.

I had filled that trunk with bell bottoms and books to bring to college. To my first apartment. To my internship. Often covered with a cloth and used as a coffee table. A bench. A shelf.

It came with me to the home where I raised my children. Where it was stored in the basement for years.

I passed it down to my daughter when she went to college. And she has been using it ever since. Its lock is now loose. The key…probably long gone. Not really necessary anyway.

The mechanism…barely holding on.



Now an antique…
…but what tales it could tell.

Cee’s Fun Foto Challenge – Trees

Cee’s Fun Foto Challenge – Trees


I am visiting my daughter and her family in Washington DC.
A 3 day celebration of her successful defense of her doctoral dissertation. After 7 years of hard work, perseverance and dedication. Including…as she puts it… “producing a human.” My adorable three year old grandson.

Yesterday afternoon…we enjoyed a brief respite at one of her favorite places.

This is the view…bordering the rear parking lot…


trees in DC
Washington DC

…behind Politics and Prose…
A bookstore and coffeeshop in one!

We browsed the shelves
Of so many books.
Until time for
Cookies and tea.

Precious time
To chat
With my daughter
The new PhD.