Cee’s Black & White Photo Challenge – Looks Like a Face

This post inspired by Cee’s B&W Photo Challenge. The topic this week: Looks Like a Face


A grill with a sense of humor?

Back in the days of home ownership, we left our gas grill out on the side deck all year. Covered up. It was too big and cumbersome to lug down 4 stairs en route to storage in the garage.

So, why not use it year round?

Winter arrived. Every year…bringing snow and more snow. Burying the deck. Including the grill.

Just needed to shovel a path. Clear away the snow. Bundle up. Grab a flashlight. Move fast. Hope the gas hadn’t run out. Grilling hamburgers one New Year’s eve comes to mind. Much to the surprise of our visiting guests.

Only steps from the kitchen door, the grill was also my route to avoid using the broiler pan. And the resulting greasy, crusty mess. Including scrubbing out all those slats. Never a popular chore…especially for my teenage son who was often recruited for the task.

One snowy January day, this is what greeted me when I opened the side door…

snow face 2005
…either mocking me…or offering a friendly greeting.

I could never decide which.

Photo a Week – Colorful

Nancy Merrill is hosting a photo challenge. The theme this week – Colorful


The countdown to spring weather continues…getting more and more intense with each snowy, freezing cold day. At least in my neighborhood.

As I was wandering down the aisles at the local discount store recently…
Past the fleece gloves. Leather gloves. Mittens.
Ear warmers. Neck warmers. Hand warmers.
Long knit scarves. Boot socks. Ice scrapers.
And the discounted Christmas elf knick knacks and dust covered heart shaped boxes of expired Valentine’s candy…

I spotted the following display…

flower seeds crop
HOPE for the change of seasons



Flower of the Day – Crocus

In anticipation of Spring…
My contribution to Cee’s Flower of the Day Challenge

Towards the end of February and the beginning of March, I always looked for signs of crocuses in our front yard. A first sign of Spring. After tramping through the soggy grass, I’d discover them poking up out of the ground despite the cold weather or lingering patches of snow. It wasn’t long before they were in full bloom.

A family of crocuses appeared every March right next to the maple tree. A hardy little bunch, they managed to muscle their way through massive amounts of roots, thatch, rock hard soil and mulch. Year after year.

No gardening effort required on my part.
Very independent.
I liked that.

Hello Spring!
March, 2010