Inspired by V.J.’s Weekly Challenge #72: Wish


Close your eyes.

Make a wish.

Blow all the candles out at once!

So your wish will come true…


birthday candles011 copy 2

A healthy baby.

One, then two.

Wish them strong and happy.

Wish they always follow their dreams.

Stay safe from year to year.

Wish them confident and sure.

Lives full of love




So thankful…

For all those years

I blew out every candle.


What do I wish for now?

walking together

More time.




Seeing Double

Lens-Artists Challenge #69: Seeing Double

 …let’s double our pleasure and focus on things that come in twos.


First: A glimpse back at summer…

pair of gulls copy

A pair of seagulls hanging out at the beach.

Next: A reminder of what is coming…
snow post

Two deck posts united in snow after a heavy wet March snowstorm. Looks like frosting to me.


Because today happens to be Halloween…I couldn’t resist an additional double from the family archives…

halloween 1995

A sibling pair of trick or treaters dressed and ready…let’s go!


Corner Forsythia

Inspired by Frank at Dutch goes the Photo: Back Catalogue

My challenge to you is to find an image in your back catalog that still grabs your attention and share it…if you want to re-interpret the image with what you have gained over the years, feel free to do so.


corner forsythia 2010

There is just something about this bright yellow flowering bush that I am drawn to.

Is it because one flourished in the corner of the front yard where I grew up? Or, more specifically, where I lived when I was 4 to 11 years old. Where the vast majority of my happy moments were spent outdoors. That particular forsythia was actually situated in the next door neighbor’s yard…right on the lot line. I always thought it was ours.

Is it because the happiest of my childhood family photos were taken in front of it? On special days when I wore a dress-up dress with my stick straight hair fancied up and curled for the occasion. Which was usually Mother’s Day or Easter or my birthday. My grandparents were often there. Or dear family friends. Gathered around. Smiling.


corner forsythia 1960

Whatever the reason…

When I was all grown up, a homeowner and married with 2 children of my own, I mentioned how much I’d like to have a forsythia in the front corner of the front yard.

So on Mother’s Day 1990, I got one. And then another one for the other front corner a year later.

There were many places where happy family photos were taken while my children were growing up. Both indoors and outdoors.


forsythia 1991
corner forsythia 1991

But there was always something extra special about the front corner of the front yard and that bright yellow flowering forsythia…

For a brief few weeks every Spring.



Let’s play

Inspired by:

Lens-Artists Photo Challenge #67: Candid

V.J.’s Weekly Challenge #68: Play


Let’s see what happens when you pick up a small stone – the flatter the better – hold it just right between your thumb and first finger. Flick your hand back and then forward real quick – releasing it across the lake’s surface…

So it skips.

At 6 years old, you already play with rocks that you collect and line up in long rows on the deck railing at home. Separating them by size and shape. Carefully. Methodically. Counting them is also part of the fun.

But here it is different.

You and your family are at the lake.

You watch your daddy and see how he gets those stones to bounce across the water.

It is summer vacation after all.

No phones. No TV. No work. No school.

Hours upon hours to play.

gpc skipping stones 1994


Or maybe you’re only 3 years old. Your grampa is visiting to celebrate his 70th birthday and you want to try out your new doctor kit. He is your Patient of the Day.

First you listen to his heart. He is very quiet while you check it out.

Then he rolls up his sleeve so you can give him a shot. Because after all he might need one. Ooooh.


But you know he is just kidding.

This is just playtime pretend.


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Helping hands

Nancy Merrill’s Photo a Week Challenge: Hands



helping grampa


Little hands on deck helping Grampa make pancakes.

The day before Christmas 2017.


helping hands
I got it Grampa!


Cee’s Fun Foto Challenge: Cars & Trucks

Cee’s Fun Foto Challenge: Cars & Trucks


This week’s challenge reminds me of my great grandfather…a proud firefighter in Cincinnati, Ohio during the early 1900s.

Unfortunately I never knew him, as he died before I was born. He suffered from rheumatoid arthritis for many years…which eventually ended his ability to do the work he loved.

This photo showcases a Cincinnati fire truck along with my great grandfather (second from right) and his fellow firefighters.


cincin fire dept circa 1919




Photo a Week: Something New

Nancy Merrill’s Photo a Week Challenge: Something New



When a kid gets a new bike…if that kid is fortunate enough to get one…it is an exciting day. Exciting enough to document with a photo.

At least it was at our house.

When my daughter was five, she was so done with her Strawberry Shortcake tricycle. She was usually “done with” things like that far sooner than we thought she would be. In her mind, she was always ready for the next thing.

She helped pick out her new purple bike, complete with a bell similar to one I had when I was little.  We insisted on a helmet, which she was too young to protest. This was 1987 and children did not commonly wear bicycle helmets yet. She was the first one on the block to be seen with one.

The neighbors commented that we were overprotective. I did not care what the neighbors thought. Protecting her head when she (inevitably) fell off was uppermost in my mind.

It wouldn’t be the first – or last – time she heard me say I don’t care what the other mothers do/say/think.

Regardless, she was one mighty proud five year old with her new “big girl bike.” Training wheels and all.

new bike K


Her younger brother, on the other hand, graduated from a tricycle to his sister’s hand-me-down purple bike with training wheels. A bit banged up by then – 6 years later – but it still transported him around the driveway. Carefully up and down the street. And he didn’t seem to mind riding it. When you are not the first born, you often don’t get “something new” right away. If at all.

However, when my son outgrew his big sister’s bike, it was time for a new one of his own. Which he helped choose at the same local bicycle shop where we had gotten his sister’s bike before he was born.  By then a helmet was standard and seen on the heads of most of the neighborhood children. Thank goodness.

A mighty proud almost seven year old, he did not need those training wheels…

new bike T

…and off he went.