14 thoughts on “Hanging out for time at bat

  1. Wonderful photo!!! You know I wrote a poem about a similar subject but It’s a little longish … so maybe I’ll send it to your email, or put it on my blog after everything is done in my bathroom … as if it will ever really be finished! Here’s just the 2nd verse … it’s called The Wood-Wasp Sting:

    Why did it choose a bench
    in the field of a children’s camp
    to bore a hole and build a nest
    in the wet wood, beneath
    where I had decided to sit
    while waiting my turn at bat?

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      1. As for the fence, I leave that subject to that other poet! When you said they were waiting for their turn at bat, it just triggered the memory of my poem, written many years ago, that has the same phrase.

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