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In the pursuit of distraction from our current surreal life situation…


Does anyone remember those Mop Tops?

The four young men who burst upon the music scene in the 1960s with Long Hair! (Scandalous!) Their nickname – the term for a “bowl” haircut – made this hairstyle a popular choice from then on. Much to the dismay of parents everywhere. Mine included.

I was a very excited 9 year old when The Beatles released Meet The Beatles. It was the first record I ever owned (and, yes, I still have it).

But I was even more excited to receive my very own “Beatle Doll.”

I still have that too, along with one of his bandmates – Ringo – tucked into a box labeled “Memorabilia” along with a stack of tattered black & white Beatles cards and a poster.

My very own Mop Tops
The surviving Beatles: Ringo and Paul

Yvonne, a family friend from Switzerland, gave me the Paul doll…as he was considered the cutest and therefore the most popular at the time. My new “Beetle” doll (as I spelled it) was the highlight of a diary entry and accompanied me to school the next day.

George, the often overlooked “quiet Beatle” was actually my favorite.

It was only a month ago

Inspired by Cee’s Flower of the Day



yellow roses
Six Roses – but one is hiding


Is it just me or does Valentine’s Day seem like a really long time ago?

Was it only one month? Four weeks exactly…on February 14th…when my husband handed me this stunning bouquet of six yellow roses?

Happy Valentine’s Day! We tried to figure out how many Valentine’s Days we had spent together, but settled on “over 40…”

Since that day, my life has taken off on an alternate trajectory. Or so it seems.

The morning of the 15th we discovered water had leaked into our bathroom from the condo above us. Our upstairs neighbor left her faucet running unattended into a clogged sink. Water poured through our bathroom ceiling. In condo land, she isn’t held financially responsible. And so it began…the reports…phone calls…repairs…cleanup…costs. The worry about mold. The hours I’ll never get back. Finished just yesterday.

There was a happy four day interlude during a trip – which may be my last one for a long while – to Washington DC to spend time with my children and grandson.

Reports of a new virus started popping up in the news during that visit – the 3rd week of February – but I paid it no mind. That’s happening in China after all.

Then a week ago, news of a crisis affecting one of my sisters activated an intense worry-filled texting chain and phone calls with extended family I had not been in close touch with for many years. However, as many of us realize, a crisis – a matter of life and death crisis – can open a space and lower boundaries – at least for a while. Because…it’s family and you love them. We reach across the divide…anxiously searching for answers. Solutions. Each day and night fraught with worry. Feeling helpless and intermittently hopeless. Emotional support can only do so much.

Today is looking somewhat brighter. Hopefully her crisis has passed enough to be manageable. For now. We cautiously breathe just a bit easier.

The texting chain has now switched to the coronavirus and its affect on all of our lives. Another serious and potentially deadly situation. More anxiety piles on.

Sixty four texts greeted me this morning filled with humorous memes, cartoons and reports of people searching for toilet paper. Long lines at the grocery store. Stockpiling in case of quarantine. The family texting chain continues. Desperate for connection. In a new crisis.

Four weeks ago was Valentine’s Day.

Six yellow roses brightened my day.

Did you bring me any strawberries?

Inspired by Nancy Merrill’s Photo a Week Challenge: Red





Six quarts of delicious red strawberries

My Oma loved strawberries in any way shape or form.

Strawberries and whipped cream. Strawberry shortcake.

Strawberry pie. Strawberry muffins. Strawberry cheesecake.

Strawberries sprinkled with sugar – just enough to draw out some of the sweet juices.
Not too much. Not too little.

Honey, did you bring me any strawberries? she’d often ask when she lived nearby during her last years.  Not always easy when it was off season, but I tried.

She owned a set of small juice glasses featuring strawberries in the design. A few faded – but survived over time – and I was able to save one.

It always makes me smile.

strawberry glass


Which way do I go now?

Inspired by:
Cee’s Fun Foto Challenge: Vanishing or Leading Lines
Debbie at Six Word Saturday


I’m the type of person one might call “directionally challenged.” The one who exits her hotel room and turns the wrong way to the elevator or stairs…over and over. Or uses a map for the first 3 months to get to a new job 20 minutes away.

I suppose I should be proud to admit this is NOT a result of aging. Just ask my friend V from high school. Once it took us over an hour driving up and down Route 17 (or was it Route 4) in NJ trying to get from the Bergen Mall to the Garden State Plaza. At night. Ending up in hysterics at a gas station somewhere in between. I think we eventually gave up.

GPS was a dream come true, even if it came much too late for my formative driving years.

However…vanishing lines in a public place when I have a destination in mind continues to be a challenge. And can still trigger some anxiety. Potentially leading me in the wrong direction. Especially when I’m walking.

Case in point: One January day in Boston, Massachusetts. My husband, two friends and I exited the Park Street subway station on the way to P.F. Chang’s before a visit to the Museum of Fine Arts.

We headed across Boston Common. Strangely enough, on a Monday, it was practically deserted. So many paths. So many exits.

If I had been alone, who knows which way I would have gone…

Too many vanishing lines leading somewhere.
How would I choose which one?

boston lines