Couldn’t let this parade pass by

BeckyB’s July Squares: Treesquare
Six Word Saturday

Today is the last day of Becky B’s July Treesquare challenge and I can’t let it end without including some of my favorite trees. Callery Pear Trees line the street into my condo development and bloom in bursts of white for only about a week every Spring. This photo was taken April 26, 2021. A yearly photo opportunity you can’t procrastinate about or else it’s too late and the petals fall…blanketing the grass below.

Weeping Reflection

BeckyB’s July Squares: Treesquare
Photo a Week: Reflection

What is it about a Weeping Willow tree? I couldn’t take my eyes off of its massive, yet delicate presence the day I discovered it on the grounds of the Shelburne Museum in Shelburne, Vermont. Branches reaching down…almost brushing the pond below. I don’t think I’ve even been in a more peaceful spot.
A painting come to life.

Through the looking glass

Becky B’s July Squares: Treesquare

Looks like stained glass…he said. Yeah, I guess it does. The color editing settings had a mind of their own yesterday…reminding me of the Ouija boards of years ago. My computer mouse just did its thing and when it was done, I thought…yes that’s it. The square tree I captured during a walk now looks a lot like my life these days. A study in hidden contrasts of dark and light…real and unreal. Bits of blue. Shots of red.

Side Views

A Photo A Week Challenge: From the Side



I agree with Nancy Merrill, who is hosting this challenge…when you photograph “from the side” you are able to capture the focused look on someone’s face.

It can also provide a unique opportunity to capture a truly candid moment…or two.

One morning, during a June visit to celebrate my grandson’s 5th birthday and meet my new granddaughter, I noticed 5 year old C listening intently to a long Grampa story. It was a rare sitting still couple of minutes. I don’t remember what the conversation was about, but judging by my stealth photos it must have been quite entertaining…as Grampa stories usually are.

Winter White

Cee’s Fun Foto Challenge: White
BeckyB’s July Squares: Treesquare

In my part of the world it is summer. A hotter than normal summer from what the climate experts report.

I’ve never been one to look forward to the hot and humid, but it does seem worse than in years past…to me anyway. Growing up, my family never had air conditioning until we moved when I was 11. Until then, I spent “boiling” days (as I called them) outside in a kiddie pool or under the sprinkler or sitting next to a humming floor fan while watching cartoons or playing Monopoly with my sister. It was a round metal fan that you could sit on, cooling off your legs too. Hopefully without sticking your fingers inside. Now known as a “vintage floor fan,” it was back before finger-saving safety features became all the rage.

But I digress…this treesquare is obviously a winter photograph – post major snowstorm. I took this photo many years ago, as I liked the look of wet snow clinging to bare branches. It could be a challenge to capture the moment before winter sunshine made it disappear.

Before we know it…winter will creep back and this will be the scene outside many of our windows. No more hot and humid…which will be fine with me!