Inspired by Frank at Dutch goes the Photo. The prompt: Wall


wall of leaves
Wall of Leaves


One November day last year, I caught the last colors of nature…holding on tight… before winter arrived…

…and erased them from the landscape.


Mug of Blue

Inspired by: Becky’s Blue July Squares


I drink coffee every morning. Always out of the same mug – which is the perfect size for me. Large.

My daughter recently updated my go-to mug as a birthday gift. Purchased from a local pottery in the Washington DC Monroe Street Arts Walk area; my grandson in tow. So, technically, they both chose it for me.

A unique – work of art mug – handmade by Kuzeh Pottery…which is owned by women.*

I like that!

And I love my new mug…a beautiful shade of blue…holding just the right amount of coffee.

blue mug



*I am hopeful that I live long enough to see women owned businesses so plentiful that mentioning this fact is redundant.




Blue song…

Inspired by: Becky’s Blue July Squares 


The year was 1971.
Joni Mitchell released Blue – one of my favorite albums…ever.

A few years later I was able to see her perform in concert on a cold winter night. Up in the balcony at The Music Hall in Boston. It was a magical evening spent with this amazing singer/songwriter.

My well worn vinyl copy still survives…


by Joni Mitchell



Blue View

Inspired by a challenge I recently discovered: Becky’s July Squares.

The theme for July is ‘blue‘, and I suggest we stay connected on our square adventures by either;

  1. Sharing a photographic square which is a ‘Bolt from the Blue’ – something unexpected or surprising
  2. Or one that explores ‘Into the wide blue yonder‘ – sky, sea or maybe a location that is appealingly unknown and mysterious
  3. Alternatively keep it simple with ‘Blue – whether that’s azure, cobalt, sapphire, cerulean, navy, ultramarine, indigo, or turquoise



blue square lake


Looking across Lake Champlain in Vermont…
…and spotting New York State in the distance.
A perfect day.