Macro Monday: Hello Spring

I went for a walk in the woods yesterday to mark the first day of Spring with a few photographs. A thick layer of wet leaves covered the trail, along with puddles left over from the recent rains and melting snow. It was mostly overcast with a few peeks of late afternoon sun. Not too much was going on Spring-wise unless you stopped and looked close, which happens to be my favorite method of discovery.

Pricker bush branches never seem to take the winter off, so once I carefully moved those out of the way (ouch!), I spotted long spindly branches showing off pinkish buds. Aha! There it was…a sure sign of Spring.

Another sign of Spring? The tick who hitchhiked a ride home with me. Fortunately I captured it before it scurried all the way up my leg.

23 thoughts on “Macro Monday: Hello Spring

  1. Fascinating photo…. As for — Ticks! I remember wet spring days in CA when the dogs would come home with dozens of ticks under their collars. Where we walk here the danger is minimal, but if they took off through the grass??? Yikes! I have only had one and I felt his bite but…when I got him out, he was totally engorged. Gross little things with absolutely NO redeeming qualities or use to live on this planet.

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    1. Thanks. The photos were worth it, but I have to be more careful as the ticks must be hiding in the layers of wet leaves. Lyme disease is rampant around here – not something I want to deal with. They are gross little things! I found an engorged one in Nov 2019 (on my leg hours later) from the same area where I was taking photos this time. Freaked me out and even wrote a post about it. Yuk!

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      1. The wonderful daughter of the Evil X was flat on her back for nearly 2 years with it. Little by little she got better. They never figured out how she got it — theorized she’d been born with it. She was already a young woman when it was diagnosed and it took a while for them to figure it out. Truly horrible disease.

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      2. Well, that’s awful!! The diagnosis is tricky and many docs don’t believe the symptoms and often it’s too late to confirm via blood tests. Truly horrible is right. My friend woke up one morning (years after the initial diagnosis) and could barely move. Alternative therapies helped her get back to “normal.”

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      3. The vaccine for dogs is the same time of vaccine Moderna came up with for Covid. What I understand is that back in the day they weren’t able to get a Lyme vaccine like that that worked on humans, but maybe they will now. It would be great.

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