Macro Monday: Hanging Out

I realized a rapidly developing obsession with leaves may be taking over my Macro Monday posts. But I am going with it anyway, since…after all…every leaf is unique and deserves its time in the sun. Or at least here on one letter UP.

So many leaves. So little time!

Macro Monday: Black & White Moment

Cee’s Black & White Photo Challenge: Close Ups


Bright and colorful Autumn leaves get all the attention…all the clicks from photographers. I should know – I’m one of those photographers.

But what about leaves like this one? Not so bright. Not so colorful. Often passed by…unnoticed.

However, I admired the fact that its drab imperfect self was still hanging on, even if just barely. That alone captured my attention.

I think black and white does it justice – outlining a road map of its journey since budding out in the Spring.

A survivor after all.

Macro Monday: Milkweed Moment

I returned to see what was happening with the milkweed pods I posted for Wordless Wednesday last week. That WW photo had been taken on September 27th. I originally planned to check them out again before now, but you know, the days just seem to blend in together…and time passed.

However late afternoon on Saturday, it was clouded over and the light was flat. I remembered the milkweeds…which usually photograph well in that kind of light. Cabin fever had risen (again), so I grabbed my camera and escaped out the back door (Exit Stage Right! as Snagglepuss used to say).

I followed a path through the woods to where the milkweed pods had been. Since it is now November, the landscape is basically brown…various shades of brown. It was difficult at first to find them amongst the gone-by plant life.

Luckily, wisps of white perched on top of nearby tall grasses gave away their location. I spotted tall stems with puffy hats. That’s what a strong breeze will do with milkweed “floss.”

And there I found the pods in all their glory.

I braved potential ticks in waiting and crunched through a thick ground cover of leaves and brush.

I was not disappointed.

I also took a special liking to the following image. As the saying goes…it resonated with me…

Milkweed 2020

Macro Monday: Look at Me

Look at Me!

While walking along the sidewalk at Hampton Beach a few months ago, I noticed the sun (always the sun) highlighting a perhaps often overlooked narrow strip of a garden. Including a seemingly oversized leaf in the midst of a lovely flower display.

It needed a sign:

It’s not just about the sand and the surf people! Please look down here!

The only way to show proper respect for these beauties of nature was to fill the frame, sun and all.


Cee’s Flower of the Day (maybe someone can identify this plant!)

Macro Monday: Window Cling

Do you ever get the feeling you are being watched? Even when there is nobody there? Anybody human, that is.

I glanced out the window next to my desk last week and noticed a wasp peeking into the room. Seemingly not moving. Odd.

What? I wanted to say. (full disclosure: I actually did say that out loud)

So, yes, I got totally distracted – needing to take a closer look…

Almost there – Day One

Mmm…an unusually cooperative wasp for photography purposes. It made me think…what is wrong with it/him/her? Will it have an “Oh No Mr. Bill” moment?

But no…it persevered…

The next day – at around the same time – my observer was still there, but had made substantial progress up the glass.

We stared at each other…

Made It – Day Two

…until I gave up the staring contest and went back to the computer. I did appreciate the opportunity for a macro shot though. It’s not often (actually never) that flying insects hold still for me.

It kept watch the rest of the day, but was gone by the next morning.

(One thing for sure: I’ve got to clean that window)

Macro Monday: Ablaze

This time of year, each walk in the woods is different. The path gets wider as the trees drop leaves. Colors, of course, are changing. Reds. Oranges. Browns. And all shades in between.

The path becomes crunchy with fallen leaves, pine needles, twigs and all that is nature.

I recently discovered a leaf basking in the afternoon sun.

It had fortunately escaped a crunching foot.

Macro Monday: Look Out Below

BeckyB’s October Squares: Kind
Photo a day challenge: Autumn trees, leaves


We were blessed here in the northeast a few days ago, as Mother Nature was kind enough to shower us with a bit of rain. I do prefer sunny days, but the current drought now takes a higher priority over bright blue skies.

Yesterday I ventured out to see what was going on in my small patch of woods.

The path, now almost spongy, was disappearing under fallen leaves, twigs and pine needles. Puddles were still visible and I stepped carefully to avoid soaking my shoes.

However, as I glanced down (and I try to remember to do just that)…I noticed a few of the fallen leaves looked kinda strange. Time for closer inspection!

I was not disappointed.

Macro Monday: One of a kind moment

BeckyB’s October Squares: Kind

As a macro photographer, I drop everything for a moment like this. When a brief but gentle rain has just ended. The sun is trying to peek through clouds. Leaves have started drifting down from nearby trees already starting to change color.

Nature sparkles outside my window.

Out the back door and down the stairs I go.

Although partially hidden from view, I catch a glimpse of red as I (almost) walk by an evergreen tree. I bend in between the branches, careful not to dislodge my discovery…a perfectly balanced leaf.

The sun plays hide and seek as I wait and focus…repeatedly clicking the shutter until the millisecond moment when light, color and shadow…hopefully…merge.

Once in a while – with a bit of luck and cooperation from Mother Nature (who is, after all, the one really in charge here) – I am rewarded with my favorite kind of photograph.

Macro Monday: Splash of Red

BeckyB October Squares: Kind

We are in the middle of a severe drought here in the northeast USA and nobody complains when dark clouds appear in the sky.

Mother Nature was kind enough to grace us with a brief period of rain one morning last week. The leaves are falling faster than usual and one landed on the back stairs in time for a photo. The wind picked up and within minutes it was gone.

Unfortunately…the drought continues.