This post inspired by Frank at Dutch goes the Photo

The prompt: Worship


When my daughter was 10 months old, we brought her with us to the Christmas Eve service at the local First Congregational Church. In the town we had moved to a few years earlier. She sat on our laps, quietly eating Cheerios, entranced by the other people…the organ music…the choirs…the candlelight. A few months later she was baptized in this same church. We became members and six years later her brother was baptized there as well.

We attended worship services as a family throughout their childhoods. Making friends at Sunday School. Children’s choir. High School Youth Group. Mission trips. Holiday fairs. Christmas pageants. Church dinners. They grew up knowing a church family as well as their own. Who watched them change from toddlers who raced around during coffee hour…to poised young adults speaking from the lectern.

When a new baby is born into a church member’s family, a celebratory rose is placed on the chancel rail in the sanctuary.

Three years ago a rose was displayed…to celebrate the birth of our grandson…

One bright sunny Sunday morning…near the spot…
where his mother was baptized over 30 years before.

chancel rail
June 2016

Tuesday Photo Challenge – Cake

This post inspired by Frank at Dutch goes the Photo

The prompt: Cake


“Honey, could you please get me a cake of soap?”

I remember my grandmother asking me that question – under what circumstances I have no idea.

I asked her what she meant…and she explained.

It was the term used back in her day. When soap was made in large blocks. A slice for personal use was called a cake. She preferred Camay. And later on, Ivory.



cakes of soap
Cakes of Soap 2019


And…oddly enough…now that I think about it…she was also the grandmother who made all of her grandchildren’s birthday cakes.
Every year. From scratch!
We chose the flavor.
Mine was coconut.


1971 oma cake
Oma 1971






Tuesday Photo Challenge – Roll

This post inspired by Frank at Dutch goes the Photo

The prompt: Roll

Back in the olden days…the 1970’s…I’d haul out my Canon SLR camera to take pictures. My very first SLR. Graduating from an “Instamatic” to the big time. For documenting important events. Vacations. Day to day happenings.

After passing down this camera to my daughter when she graduated from high school, I stepped up to a Pentax SLR with an automatic zoom.

These cameras needed rolls of 35mm film. Which needed to be developed and printed. Filling dozens of photo albums. I was motivated to…try to…set a limit on how many photos I took.
Unlike now in the digital age.

I unearthed several new rolls for this prompt – still packed in with the Pentax. Survivors of the downsizing.


film 2
Film Survivors


Tuesday Photo Challenge – Rock

This post inspired by Frank at Dutch goes the Photo


Can we go out to the mica mine?

…said my husband to his mother when he was a little boy.

My husband’s mom grew up across the road from an abandoned mica mine. That just happened to be on her parents’ property. In the mountains of rural New Hampshire in the 1920s. After my husband’s grandparents died, his aunt and uncle built a house on that land – the mica mine way in the back. Partially hidden by overgrown vegetation.

Family visits often included that little boy begging to hike up the mountain to search. For shiny slivers of mica…to slip into his pockets.

At some point two large chunks of mica made their way out of the mica mine. Down the mountain…and ended up nestled in the gardens at my in-laws’ home.

Many years later we rescued them before selling their house.

The traveling mica rocks spent the next 15 years at home in our yard. Tucked in with lilies of the valley. Also transplanted from my in-laws’ carefully tended yard.

Until we downsized a couple of years ago.
And the mica rocks were on the move again…

Now safe and sound…
In their new yard.
At the home of a very good friend.




Tuesday Photo Challenge – Wonder

This post inspired by Frank at Dutch goes the Photo

The prompt: Wonder

The wonders of the world? The wonders of nature?

How about the wonders of the food we eat? The colorful & crunchy vegetables that grow from the ground – if carefully tended and nurtured and harvested.

From the earth we need to take better care of…but that’s another blog post topic all together.

A huge light bulb moment in the 7th grade changed my life. I asked my science teacher Mr. Jackson about potassium. My mother needed to increase her intake and I thought he might know the answer. It was a chemical after all.

His answer? Broccoli. Bananas. He then gave me a list of high potassium foods. It was that simple.

I had no idea until that moment in time that natural foods were that important. And what “healthy” as an adjective in front of “food” could really mean. Eat. Chemical reactions in the body. Feel better.

I went on to study nutrition and dietetics in college. My career resulted. Thanks to Mr. Jackson. Teachers: another wonder.

A true wonder of the world? I believe it starts with vegetables. Broccoli…peppers…carrots….
And then, of course, fruits.

As I used to show my patients, drawing a line down the center of a paper plate (way before the publicized “My Plate” visual), vegetables should take up half your plate.
Not always a popular suggestion.

Vegetables may not be exciting.
But they are still a wonder…



peppers copy

IMG_8042 copy



Tuesday Photo Challenge – Sunrise

This post inspired by Frank at Dutch goes the Photo

The prompt: Sunrise

I am not the morning person in the family. Never have been. Prying my eyes open before coffee for any useful purpose…not advisable. Focusing on anything that early in the day would not lead to my best work….

In search of a suitable photo for this challenge, I knew just where to look. My husband – definitely a morning person – even a cheerful morning person at that – had just what I was looking for. And graciously agreed to contribute the following photos, taken on his morning walks before work.


sunrise 2016
Ocean View


Neighborhood Land View

Tuesday Photo Challenge – Round

This post inspired by Frank at Dutch goes the Photo

The prompt: Round


round crop


Have you ever heard of 3D Tic Tac Toe?

I never did until we took a family weekend trip to Boston in 1995. One of the highlights was a visit to the Boston Children’s Museum. The “Brain Games” section on the third floor included life-size chess and checkers…and 3D Tic Tac Toe. My 13 year old daughter “especially liked” that section (as noted in our travel scrapbook).

We all enjoyed it so much that my husband made a family home version…using a piece of pine board, dowels and 64 wooden beads (he painted half of them red).

Our homemade game survived downsizing.
Perhaps to entertain us in our old age.

Who says it’s just for children?

3D Tic Tac Toe