Inspired by Frank at Dutch goes the Photo: Fuzzy

Even though I have quite the collection of unintentional fuzzy photos, I decided to take some fuzzy-on-purpose photos for this challenge. (for years, my family would hold up a finger for me to focus on with my old Canon film camera…even so, results often were fuzzy. Oh well, many of those years are fuzzy in recollection anyway)

I digress…

A recent late afternoon walk around the block revealed these fuzzy flowers. The light cooperated, as it often does that time of day.

I have no idea what these flowers looked like pre-fuzz, but I enjoyed this brief stage in their plant life cycle…


fuzzy one


fuzzy two


Inspired by Frank at Dutch goes the Photo: Focus


Yesterday I went on a walk around a nearby neighborhood. Late afternoon when the light softens and begins filtering in from an angle. Some call it the “golden hour.” My favorite time of day to catch nature at its finest.

Trees lined the quiet streets, interrupted by flower gardens in varyious stages of late summer wilt. Very little breeze to interrupt my focusing attempts.

I took along my (relatively) new camera (thanks Frank, for the tips on venturing into the digital full frame mirrorless mode!) to have more fun with its macro lens. Good thing I don’t have to worry about wasting film.

My contributions for this challenge:

The first few leaves shifting to fall colors, even though it is still technically Summer…

red & green leaves
Leaves that jumped past Autumn…

brown leaves

And some caught right in the middle…

branch hairs


(Canon EOS RP, 35mm F1.8 MACRO IS STM)


Inspired by Frank at Dutch goes the Photo: Prompt – Fall


Before we know it (here in the Northeast USA), the days will shorten, the air will cool…

And the leaves will fall again.

wet leaves




Inspired by Frank at Dutch goes the Photo. The prompt: City


My favorite vacation destination city is San Diego, California. The place for shopping at Horton Plaza and Seaport Village. Or checking out the museums at Balboa Park – including the Hall of Fame Sports Museum (now closed). The San Diego Zoo and Spreckels Organ performances. Sightseeing and getting a family photo taken dressed up in “old time” outfits in Old Town.

And of course theater! And delicious food and drink (one memorable dinner at China Camp is part of family lore).

Coronado is just over the bridge from San Diego …

It’s where I took this photo of the San Diego skyline…one sunny day in 2006.


San Diego, California


Fun Fact: Traveling across the Coronado Bay Bridge is a unique experience. When we visited with our 2 kids, we rented a minivan. While driving from Coronado to San Diego and back again, I knick named it the “scary bridge.” I insisted we stay in the middle lane and avoided looking out the side window. Sitting up higher in a minivan means you don’t see the bridge side barriers.

As I recall, the kids thought it was quite exciting.

This is a video someone else posted of this scary drive:



Mystery Keys

Inspired by Frank at Dutch goes the Photo. This week’s prompt: Key


Twenty years ago, my husband and I cleared out my in-laws’ home, barn and workshop – to prepare the property for sale. It was a long, labor intensive and sometimes emotionally exhausting process. The home and out-buildings were at least 60 years old, predating my in-laws’ ownership.

The workshop (or “shop” as they called it) was attached to the old style garage and contained all my father-in-law’s tools. As well as the freezer that held blueberries & strawberries left over from his massive summer gardens. That my mother-in-law had prepared and labeled in identical plastic storage containers. Neatly stacked and ready for her cobblers and pies.

My father-in-law was not one for organization. And the shop was no exception. Tools were mixed in with nuts, bolts and nails. Stored in rusty coffee cans and mayonnaise jars on a long homemade wooden workbench. Stacks of ancient National Geographic magazines grew musty inside an old cabinet. Dozens of hammers, screwdrivers and wrenches hung on a pegboard attached to wall studs. Lumber scraps were stacked along one wall…covered with cobwebs. Right next to 3 metal garbage cans.

We found new homes for most of these treasures, but a ring of skeleton keys caught my husband’s eye. He had no idea where they came from or why his dad kept them.

But we both agreed they were very cool.

keys one

We never found anything on the property with locks that fit.

However, we held on to them…just in case.

keys two

In the meantime…the mystery continues.


Inspired by Frank at Dutch goes the Photo: Lock


As I was visiting my daughter this week, I noticed my old black trunk nestled in the corner of her dining room. Topped with my grandson’s toy trucks parked in a neat row along one edge.

I had filled that trunk with bell bottoms and books to bring to college. To my first apartment. To my internship. Often covered with a cloth and used as a coffee table. A bench. A shelf.

It came with me to the home where I raised my children. Where it was stored in the basement for years.

I passed it down to my daughter when she went to college. And she has been using it ever since. Its lock is now loose. The key…probably long gone. Not really necessary anyway.

The mechanism…barely holding on.



Now an antique…
…but what tales it could tell.


Inspired by Frank at Dutch goes the Photo. The prompt: Overhead


During a recent visit to the Currier Gallery of Art in Manchester, NH, I noticed this steel sculpture next to the front entrance.

Its moving parts caught my attention in the slight breeze…

overhead 2

…as I stood underneath to catch them in motion…

overhead 1


In case you’re interested…as it appears viewed from the side…

steel art

info sign