Tuesday Photo Challenge – Sunrise

This post inspired by Frank at Dutch goes the Photo

The prompt: Sunrise

I am not the morning person in the family. Never have been. Prying my eyes open before coffee for any useful purpose…not advisable. Focusing on anything that early in the day would not lead to my best work….

In search of a suitable photo for this challenge, I knew just where to look. My husband – definitely a morning person – even a cheerful morning person at that – had just what I was looking for. And graciously agreed to contribute the following photos, taken on his morning walks before work.


sunrise 2016
Ocean View


Neighborhood Land View

Tuesday Photo Challenge – Round

This post inspired by Frank at Dutch goes the Photo

The prompt: Round


round crop


Have you ever heard of 3D Tic Tac Toe?

I never did until we took a family weekend trip to Boston in 1995. One of the highlights was a visit to the Boston Children’s Museum. The “Brain Games” section on the third floor included life-size chess and checkers…and 3D Tic Tac Toe. My 13 year old daughter “especially liked” that section (as noted in our travel scrapbook).

We all enjoyed it so much that my husband made a family home version…using a piece of pine board, dowels and 64 wooden beads (he painted half of them red).

Our homemade game survived downsizing.
Perhaps to entertain us in our old age.

Who says it’s just for children?

3D Tic Tac Toe




Tuesday Photo Challenge – Layer

This post inspired by Frank at Dutch goes the Photo

The prompt: Layer

One very windy November afternoon in 2016…

Layer upon layer of loud angry waves crashed toward shore
Lining up one right after the other…

Matching rhythm with my steps
As I paced up and down the beach
That day.

Head down bracing for the gusts
As I pounded through the sand

Trying to make sense
Of the path ahead.


wave layers
November 8, 2016
Hampton Beach, NH


Tuesday Photo Challenge – Rose

Here is my entry for this week’s challenge hosted by Frank at Dutch goes the Photo

The prompt this week is: Rose

Mother’s Day Roses 2006


My sweet son has often made it a tradition to give me flowers for my birthday. Or for Mother’s Day. Or as a combo since there are years when they coincide.

When he was a senior in high school, he included a two page letter…describing what each of the 10 roses signified…looking back on how we navigated his childhood together. His love and gratitude expressed.

I’m not the only writer in the family.

He may not have realized it then, at only 18, how much his words touched my heart. I still have those two sheets of paper. Carefully printed words to mother from son. Although there hasn’t been another letter like that one, the roses have continued for many of the last 13 years.

Beautiful bouquets arrived on my doorstep in May.
A mix of favorite colors.
Always deserving of a photo or two…or three.