Macro Monday: Letting go

One of nature’s most fascinating works of art (in my opinion) is the milkweed pod. I spotted one tucked in a tangle of vines a bit off the path during my walk several months ago. A pod had opened up and hung suspended…but I don’t think I would have noticed it without the sun’s highlighting help.

Strands of milkweed’s distinctive white floss had broken free…and were hanging down ready to release their seeds to the wind. What a sight!

Lens-Artists Challenge: Pick a Word

Lens-Artists Challenge #112: Pick a Word.

Pick a word and illustrate it with a photo! Choose one (1) word or more – choose all of them if you like! The words available are the following:

Comfortable, Growing, Tangled, Crowded, Exuberant


What could be more comfortable than a choice spot on the beach?

Coronado Beach, California

I did a double take during a walk in March when I noticed a vine (or another tree) growing around…a tree! I had never seen anything like it before. As you can see in the lower portion of the photo, the vine actually grows right into the tree. Apparently both still alive. Co-existence in nature…

wraparound tree & vine

Also in March, I discovered a display of tangled vines and such. Perhaps a signal of the bizarre times just beginning…

tangled crowded vines

Last but not least, I was treated to an exuberant crowd of zinnias on the grounds of the Shelburne Museum in Vermont last year…

crowded exuberance

I missed being able to make the trip again this summer to such a beautiful destination. When I said to my husband last September we can take more photos next summer!, I had no idea what I was taking for granted.


Inspired by Dutch goes the Photo: Connect

…your challenge is to capture anything that either connects or with which you feel connected.


connect branches

A sea of mismatched branches growing en mass caught my eye this weekend – as I was walking alone in the woods. Not another soul in sight.

All balanced just so…yet not making any sense to me.

I couldn’t help but wonder…why (or how) the branches came to grow in such a way. Haphazardly entwined and still surviving. What happened? A confusing sight to which I felt oddly drawn to. Snapping photo after photo.

Was nature imitating life in this current upside down world?

Forging a way to connect, however tenuously. Reaching out. Over and under and through the unknown. Despite the obstacles.

Somehow holding on.