Sunshine’s Macro Monday: Changing Seasons

Sunshine’s Macro Monday #35

Photo a Week Challenge: Changing Seasons


Here in the northeastern USA, the comforting signs of spring are still hard to come by. And, believe me, I am looking for them. Those vibrant splashes of yellows and purples as hibernating bulbs push signs of life up through the cold ground. Surrounded by trees and bushes newly dressed with greenery.

However…as I discovered this past weekend…if you look closely…Mother Nature is making her presence known..little by little.

budding out


A welcome – and hopeful – sight.

17 thoughts on “Sunshine’s Macro Monday: Changing Seasons

  1. Hi There, These crocus are in my front yard. Dandelions are victims of last night’s hail. The sap running is our first sign of spring. Followed by the heavenly aroma of sap being converted to maple syrup. Happy Spring.

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    1. I miss the crocuses that used to pop up by now at our former home. Maple trees with the sap running…that is something to look forward to 🙂 Thank you for your comment!


  2. Love the glorious red! Definitely welcome and hopeful (and puts me in mind of Holy Week coming soon). There’s a gorgeous purple hyacinth downstairs by a neighbor’s window…I always have to fight the temptation to steal it 🙂 I wouldn’t do that, of course.

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