Sunshine’s Macro Monday: Baby’s Breath

Inspired by Sunshine’s Macro Monday: #29


As we all know, Valentine’s Day was last Friday. Not everyone celebrates…what some call…this Hallmark holiday. The company which generates a lot of business from Valentine customers.

I am not so cynical. I think hand held meaningful greeting cards hold great value and when sent with genuine love and caring are far more personal than e-cards. Handmade ones (remember paste and doilies and red construction paper hearts?) especially so. But that’s just me. No judgment if you send the digital version. It is really the thought that counts.

Full disclosure however – my husband and I still have all the cards we’ve exchanged over the past ahem…40+ years. About 10 years ago we started recycling…”re-sending”… each other the cards from years past. This was my idea – not so much about saving money (although we do), but I found it interesting to read the changing messages inside cards from the different years of our relationship. Also surprising to notice how many times we had bought the same cards – especially the humorous ones. Some jokes just live forever.

So what does this have to do with Macro Monday?

Along with my card (originally from 2011), I received beautiful yellow roses.

Mixed in with the roses? Baby’s breath.

I love baby’s breath. It is such a lovely delicate accent to cut flowers.

However it gets very little attention…or grand notoriety. It isn’t often front and center on greeting cards either. Kind of like the backup band which never gets recognized.

Baby’s Breath is my subject for today’s Macro Monday challenge.

A well deserved Moment for the under appreciated sidekick to Valentine’s Day roses and cut flowers everywhere…

baby's breath
Valentine’s Day Baby’s Breath

Sunshine’s Macro Monday: Drops

Inspired by Sunshine’s Macro Monday #28


A soft rain was falling one day last week during a trip to the grocery store. Almost a mist. No wind. Cold, but not freezing.

I didn’t pay much attention…until I was ready to start the car and drive home. After buckling my seat belt, I realized not much was visible from any of the car windows…except a light pole across the street.

Tiny circles (and light poles) everywhere…

window drops

Once I started driving, they slid away and disappeared.

Sunshine’s Macro Monday: Winterberries

Inspired by Sunshine’s Macro Monday #27


Last week it was “warm” enough for a relatively comfortable walk through the woods in back of my condo building. A sunny mid-afternoon in winter is an opportune time to catch the light – despite freezing temperatures. I lasted almost an hour before my fingers were too cold to operate the camera.

I never know what I will discover.

Much to my surprise (mostly because I am no plant expert and don’t expect anything colorful to survive winter), I noticed clumps of red dangling among the eternal browns and dull greens around me.

I am guessing these welcome splashes of color are winterberries…

A few winter survivors…still hanging on…

winter berries

Sunshine’s Macro Monday: Exposed

Inspired by Sunshine’s Macro Monday #25


A Walk in the Woods

I wasn’t sure how the tree remained upright…extending high above my head.

Its shredding rotted spindly branches barely hanging on.

Stripped of bark, listing to the side, full of holes…it somehow had survived…now completely naked.

Not a speck of green. No signs of life. It seemed odd. Out of place…surrounded by so many healthy trees.

Surely a potential danger to humans walking by.

I wonder if the wildlife in this patch of woods are done doing their damage…

tree stripped