Sunshine’s Macro Monday: Puzzled

Sunshine’s Macro Monday #39


piece of puzzle

So, here’s the thing…

For the first time in years – many years – I am gravitating towards a (so far) unfinished 750 piece jigsaw puzzle spread out on one end of our dining room table. Almost every day.

As our new viral reality marches on, my mind (or actually my overly active imagination…) flies off in so many different directions that…sometimes…focusing on anything in the here and now becomes practically impossible.

That is…until friends offered us their new…put together and then taken apart…jigsaw puzzle. Which they’ve owned for at least 15 years and never opened until now. Who had time to do puzzles?

They assured us it was clean…

We wiped it down with a sanitizing wipe and let it dry after we finished it.

The sight of all those shapes and colors and patterns that Will Fit Together

I realized it’s something I Can Do. While Staying Home.

Hence the gravitating…all it takes is a glance at the disordered mess of puzzle pieces…spread out on an old tray. Right next to a picture beginning to take shape. It pulls me over. I sit down…just for a minute…I’ll find that corner piece. I think I see it. No. Maybe for the other edge. I’ll try this one.

An hour later…two sides done. I’m exhausted. In a good way.

Interesting fun fact: putting a puzzle together can clear your head.

I highly recommend it.

25 thoughts on “Sunshine’s Macro Monday: Puzzled

  1. My neighbors are doing the same thing. It’s also a way they deal with winter. I have the same problem with my mind not focusing on stuff it would normally gravitate to. I HATE yard work, but it’s one place I can see positive changes and when this whole virus thing is over, and I survive, I’ll have a nice yard. And, if not, my property will be worth more. 🙂

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    1. It sounds like a win-win to me. Yard work at least shows results – and if we still had a yard (and not a condo) – that would probably be where I’d end up. Pruning the heck out of everything! With nice neat results 🙂

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  2. I’m on my 3rd (another in the queue) 1000 piece puzzle since this thing began mid March. I come and go from it as I pass by, find a piece move on. Sometimes I’ll sit and do them for a while if there is a program on the radio I want to listen to. I order them from the local toy store and they deliver for free!

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    1. Wow! 1000 piece – impressive. Do you save the puzzles you have done and do them again? I’ve also worked on this one with a podcast or music on in the background. I almost don’t want to finish it! I guess I’ll have to find another one. 🙂

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      1. I dallied over my second one because I didn’t have another to take its place! lol Hence, the purchase of 2 more. When I was a kid I used to hodgepodge them and then you could hang them. I don’t do that anymore. No, I might in a few years if I kept them. Next time I see my son, we’ll probably trade puzzles. They’ve been doing them at their place too!

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      2. Haha – I have about a dozen pieces left…a sign to order a new one. Trading is a great idea. Also – did you know there are places you can have a puzzle made using your own photograph? 🙂

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  3. YES, jigsaw puzzles are a good addiction!!! I’m a huge fan…and I dare not count how many I have, stacked in several places (only a few unopened). I tried giving some away–cataracts make some harder to see than others, plus the space issue–but I still have a ton waiting for the next purge 🙂 Another wonderful similarity we have, love it!

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      1. Yes, natural light is much better…unfortunately I don’t get a lot of it where I live. I may take a puzzle break as soon as the April challenges are wrapped up…though I have several books started, and had to delay reading. Note to self: I will not do so many April challenges next year! 🙂

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  4. I love that you are creating the space to work on puzzles. An upside of COVID is being fully present with ‘hands on’ activities from our past. Thank you for this reminder for me to do the same! A fellow planner like you, puzzles ‘encourage’ me to live in present time. ☀️💞

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