Which way do I go now?

Inspired by:
Cee’s Fun Foto Challenge: Vanishing or Leading Lines
Debbie at Six Word Saturday


I’m the type of person one might call “directionally challenged.” The one who exits her hotel room and turns the wrong way to the elevator or stairs…over and over. Or uses a map for the first 3 months to get to a new job 20 minutes away.

I suppose I should be proud to admit this is NOT a result of aging. Just ask my friend V from high school. Once it took us over an hour driving up and down Route 17 (or was it Route 4) in NJ trying to get from the Bergen Mall to the Garden State Plaza. At night. Ending up in hysterics at a gas station somewhere in between. I think we eventually gave up.

GPS was a dream come true, even if it came much too late for my formative driving years.

However…vanishing lines in a public place when I have a destination in mind continues to be a challenge. And can still trigger some anxiety. Potentially leading me in the wrong direction. Especially when I’m walking.

Case in point: One January day in Boston, Massachusetts. My husband, two friends and I exited the Park Street subway station on the way to P.F. Chang’s before a visit to the Museum of Fine Arts.

We headed across Boston Common. Strangely enough, on a Monday, it was practically deserted. So many paths. So many exits.

If I had been alone, who knows which way I would have gone…

Too many vanishing lines leading somewhere.
How would I choose which one?

boston lines

17 thoughts on “Which way do I go now?

  1. Memory and navigation via landmarks. That’s without GPS! Las Vegas uses a grid system like other large cities, hence it’s easier to navigate, the mountains and buildings help too.

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  2. I’m directionally privileged. I read somewhere it has to do with a magnet in the bridge or our noses but I read later that the theory has been debunked although it exists in birds. In any case, I have directionally challenged friends and understand how scary it can be, and frustrating (and scary).

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  3. “Directionally challenged”–that’s me, always has been and likely always will be. I can’t explain it, but I do know it annoyed the heck out of my ex.

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  4. Love this. I am also directionally challenged, but I have adopted the motto of “I am enjoying the scenery on my detours”. I have seen some pretty amazing and beautiful things along my detours and I should probably start writing about it. 🙂

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    1. I like your motto!! It could be a name tag we could whip out when necessary. Think of all the adventures we otherwise would miss. I took an unplanned tour of the neighborhood next to mine when we moved in (a very winding road…). I ended up in a dead end…twice. :). Until I opened the GPS on my phone. I wondered if anyone saw “that strange woman going up and down the street…”

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