Collateral damage caught in the sun

Six Word Saturday

What happened to this poor tree? What is the story? I noticed it right away – close to the edge of my walking path last month. Since all the trees had dropped their leaves, this one’s wounds were clearly visible. No longer hidden from view. Layers of bark stripped away.

I suspect it just happened to be in the way of a town or utility company brush clearing project. Left damaged and forgotten. A sad sight.


Cee’s Fun Foto Challenge: Bark

Cee’s Fun Foto Challenge: White or Cream Colors

Cee’s Fun Foto Challenge: White or cream colors
Cee’s Flower of the Day


It isn’t often that white flowers get their deserved attention, so I am taking advantage of this challenge opportunity.

I am also grateful to focus on white (tinged with pink…) flowers rather than life and world events. Just not up to that at the moment.

Thank you Cee!

White tulips took center stage a few years ago in a Mother’s Day bouquet.

They also outlasted their yellow counterparts!

Cee’s Fun Foto Challenge: Pink and Yellow

Cee’s Fun Foto Challenge: Pink and Yellow
Cee’s Flower of the Day


Now that Autumn is in full swing, pink and yellow don’t bloom from nearby neighborhood gardens anymore. However, during one of my many walks this summer, I thoroughly enjoyed the sight of these pink and yellow flowers.

Their name escapes me (or was never there to begin with…).

So I’ll just call these the Fun Flowers of the Day. 🙂 Unless someone can fill me in.

Happy Thursday everyone! Hang in there. Here’s hoping that the next time these flowers are in bloom, life will be back to the “normal” we used to know.

Cee’s Fun Foto Challenge: Aging Flowers

Cee’s Fun Foto Challenge Special Request: Wilting, dead, or aging flowers and leaves.


Unusual special request, but I understand it.

After all, beauty comes at all ages.

I found two examples.

Tulips – while wilting – took on a “life” of their own a few months ago. A different kind of beauty. One worth documenting.

faded tulip
A vine of leaves added a unique touch while weaving its way through a fence along the river’s edge. Stopped me in my tracks.

Still hanging on…

faded leaves

…and showing off.

Lens-Artists Challenge: One Single Flower

Lens-Artists Challenge #101: One Single Flower

Cee’s Fun Foto Challenge: One Single Flower

V.J.’s Weekly Challenge #100: Pause (...long enough to quiet the noise…)



purple iris

I find this to be a congruous set of challenges happening in the same week. In particular, V.J.’s subtext to the topic of Pause…about quieting the noise. There has been way too much noise for me lately – on a personal level – more than I can often handle and process like I did “before.” To focus during the day. To sleep at night.

At the same time, I recognize the need for information, education – and change. All the noise urgently and justifiably vies for our collective public attention simultaneously. Ignited by fear. Anger. Not being heard. Not being properly informed.

I have no answers for any of this. I am just one single person among millions who are worried, tired and anxious. Many have more concerns than I do. Many have less.

raindrop flower

Let’s try to get out of our own heads and pause. Take time to listen and hear and read what others have to say. With open minds. Whether it be the scientists with news about the pandemic and what to do next. Or our fellow citizens protesting for justice and racial equality. Or even the politicians who will shape policy – one way or the other. Let’s reflect. Reach within for empathy. And…again…listen.

And…make a commitment to get out and vote when the time comes.

What does this have to do with One Single Flower?

A mass of flowers draws my attention briefly. After a while they blend in together. In the relative quiet of the walking path.

But the single flower…the one tiny flower among many? That’s what stops me.

yellow flower

The one all alone “out standing in its field” as if to say Look at me! I’m important too!

lone daisy

The one single flower…making itself known.


Where did all the flour go?

Cee’s Fun Foto Challenge: Sense of Touching

…post anything that stimulates or delights your sense of touch.



Fun fact – the grocery stores may run out of regular plain wheat flour, but around here they don’t run out of gluten free flour!

People may be desperate to bake, but lucky for me, apparently not that desperate.

So, armed with “Bob’s Red Mill Gluten Free 1 to 1 Baking Flour” and a multitude of other ingredients, I tackled a complicated – but exceptionally delicious – corn muffin recipe this past week.

Since being diagnosed with celiac disease in 2009, my expectations for success in baking have nosedived…using recipes with as few steps as possible. However I made an exception after my daughter introduced these muffins to me several years ago. I was hooked.

They do have a strange expensive ingredient…Crème FraĂ®che…which can take a bit of searching in the dairy aisle. The container I had bought last month was still sitting in the refrigerator…its expiration date fast approaching.

And it proved to be what moved me to action as the rain poured outside and the light was low.

Having-something-to-use-up is a powerful motivator.

Baking kept my mind off the latest surreal news of the day…with delicious results.




Fandango’s Friday Flashback: February 21

Inspired by Fandango’s Friday Flashback: February 21

Wouldn’t you like to expose your newer readers to some of you earlier posts that they might never have seen? Or remind your long term followers of posts that they might not remember? …Why don’t you reach back into your own archives and highlight a post that you wrote on this very date in a previous year?


This post is from February 21, 2019
inspired by Cee’s Fun Foto Challenge: Texture

(The Super Bowl…my, what a difference a year makes…)


Cee’s Fun Foto Challenge – Texture


Some textures just say Crunch. As well as Deliciousness.

As they did amid the whooping and hollering and cheering during the Super Bowl game a few weeks ago. With friends. In front of the television. Wearing the appropriate team gear.

Such textures were necessary stress relievers during this momentous game watching experience.

sweet potato chips



rice chips
bottom of the bag rice chips


jumbo peanuts


Which way do I go now?

Inspired by:
Cee’s Fun Foto Challenge: Vanishing or Leading Lines
Debbie at Six Word Saturday


I’m the type of person one might call “directionally challenged.” The one who exits her hotel room and turns the wrong way to the elevator or stairs…over and over. Or uses a map for the first 3 months to get to a new job 20 minutes away.

I suppose I should be proud to admit this is NOT a result of aging. Just ask my friend V from high school. Once it took us over an hour driving up and down Route 17 (or was it Route 4) in NJ trying to get from the Bergen Mall to the Garden State Plaza. At night. Ending up in hysterics at a gas station somewhere in between. I think we eventually gave up.

GPS was a dream come true, even if it came much too late for my formative driving years.

However…vanishing lines in a public place when I have a destination in mind continues to be a challenge. And can still trigger some anxiety. Potentially leading me in the wrong direction. Especially when I’m walking.

Case in point: One January day in Boston, Massachusetts. My husband, two friends and I exited the Park Street subway station on the way to P.F. Chang’s before a visit to the Museum of Fine Arts.

We headed across Boston Common. Strangely enough, on a Monday, it was practically deserted. So many paths. So many exits.

If I had been alone, who knows which way I would have gone…

Too many vanishing lines leading somewhere.
How would I choose which one?

boston lines