Lens-Artists Challenge: One Single Flower

Lens-Artists Challenge #101: One Single Flower

Cee’s Fun Foto Challenge: One Single Flower

V.J.’s Weekly Challenge #100: Pause (...long enough to quiet the noise…)



purple iris

I find this to be a congruous set of challenges happening in the same week. In particular, V.J.’s subtext to the topic of Pause…about quieting the noise. There has been way too much noise for me lately – on a personal level – more than I can often handle and process like I did “before.” To focus during the day. To sleep at night.

At the same time, I recognize the need for information, education – and change. All the noise urgently and justifiably vies for our collective public attention simultaneously. Ignited by fear. Anger. Not being heard. Not being properly informed.

I have no answers for any of this. I am just one single person among millions who are worried, tired and anxious. Many have more concerns than I do. Many have less.

raindrop flower

Let’s try to get out of our own heads and pause. Take time to listen and hear and read what others have to say. With open minds. Whether it be the scientists with news about the pandemic and what to do next. Or our fellow citizens protesting for justice and racial equality. Or even the politicians who will shape policy – one way or the other. Let’s reflect. Reach within for empathy. And…again…listen.

And…make a commitment to get out and vote when the time comes.

What does this have to do with One Single Flower?

A mass of flowers draws my attention briefly. After a while they blend in together. In the relative quiet of the walking path.

But the single flower…the one tiny flower among many? That’s what stops me.

yellow flower

The one all alone “out standing in its field” as if to say Look at me! I’m important too!

lone daisy

The one single flower…making itself known.


26 thoughts on “Lens-Artists Challenge: One Single Flower

  1. A wonderful post with a deep message. I’m sorry there’s too much noise in your life currently, Andrea–I can relate…I’m feeling overwhelmed by the cacophony of angry and brokenhearted voices mixed with defenses and “spins” on each story. It’s too much. I really like the note about the single flower–that it’s important, has beauty and a voice separate from the others. Take care, God bless. L

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  2. What a marvelous variety of flowers you have on display for all of us to enjoy. I think my favorite is your last one, the daisy. Looks so happy and proud all by itself. 😀 Thanks for playing along this week 😀

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  3. Sometimes we underestimate the power of one lonely voice calling in the distance. Hope you find some rest amongst the noise we all experience these days. Lovely images of solitary flowers that called to you. ❤

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  4. I love your macros – you’re getting so good at them! I’m with you on the overwhelming noises surrounding us, so much to process, pausing helps. And focusing on one thing at a time helps too. Your words of wisdom go well with your photos, nicely done!

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