Sunshine’s Macro Monday: Baby’s Breath

Inspired by Sunshine’s Macro Monday: #29


As we all know, Valentine’s Day was last Friday. Not everyone celebrates…what some call…this Hallmark holiday. The company which generates a lot of business from Valentine customers.

I am not so cynical. I think hand held meaningful greeting cards hold great value and when sent with genuine love and caring are far more personal than e-cards. Handmade ones (remember paste and doilies and red construction paper hearts?) especially so. But that’s just me. No judgment if you send the digital version. It is really the thought that counts.

Full disclosure however – my husband and I still have all the cards we’ve exchanged over the past ahem…40+ years. About 10 years ago we started recycling…”re-sending”… each other the cards from years past. This was my idea – not so much about saving money (although we do), but I found it interesting to read the changing messages inside cards from the different years of our relationship. Also surprising to notice how many times we had bought the same cards – especially the humorous ones. Some jokes just live forever.

So what does this have to do with Macro Monday?

Along with my card (originally from 2011), I received beautiful yellow roses.

Mixed in with the roses? Baby’s breath.

I love baby’s breath. It is such a lovely delicate accent to cut flowers.

However it gets very little attention…or grand notoriety. It isn’t often front and center on greeting cards either. Kind of like the backup band which never gets recognized.

Baby’s Breath is my subject for today’s Macro Monday challenge.

A well deserved Moment for the under appreciated sidekick to Valentine’s Day roses and cut flowers everywhere…

baby's breath
Valentine’s Day Baby’s Breath

Lens-Artists Photo Challenge: A Window with a View

Inspired by Lens-Artists Photo Challenge #79: A Window with a View

…Share with us photos you’ve captured through windows.


As I have mentioned before in several posts, I enjoyed a photographer’s paradise last summer when visiting the Shelburne Museum in Vermont. Twice actually…as there was so much to see I had to return! Not just to photograph, but to experience.

Why couldn’t history lessons be this fascinating back in high school?

For this challenge, I will include two images.

The first was taken while walking across a double-lane wooden covered bridge. It was built in 1845…a weathered sign warns bridge crossers riding horses or automobiles not to exceed 10 miles per hour.

I discovered a window about halfway across the bridge…

bridge window

…offering a glimpse across the pond beneath.

The second window was in one of the 39 buildings situated throughout 45 acres of museum grounds…

sunny window

…showcasing a small sample of the vibrant, colorful flowers blooming in one of the 22 gardens on the property.

Fifteen Favorites

Inspired by Lens-Artist Photo Challenge #77: Favorite Photos of 2019


Choose my favorite photographs of 2019?

That’s a tough one (which I made a bit easier by not including family photos).

I managed to pare it down to 15(!). It was an especially exciting year as I dove into the world of macro photography. An additional photographic challenge.

I am curious…which one is your favorite?

1: January…ice crackling on the river…

exeter river ice


2: February…a welcome color display…

flowers for sale copy


3: Early Spring…signs of nature coming to life…



4: May showers…



5: Summer sunsets…

lake frame


6: Butterfly on zinnias…

zinnia butterfly close


7: The magical pond…

magical pond


8: Sunflower parade…sunflowers group


9: Amber waves…amber squares


10: Crunchy path…



11: Fall arrives…

twisted tree


12: Watch your step…


13: The cactus blooms!

blossom day 4


14: Late fall fantasy edits…

IMG_1487 fantasy copy 2


15: Last, but not least, back to where the year began…with the crunch of ice.