Ice Map

Inspired by One Word Sunday: Ice


The ground during a winter walk through the woods always surprises me. The layers of crunchy fall leaves at first covered with mud. Then snow. More mud. Ice.

More than a little depressing…and challenging to navigate. And why I don’t often walk in the woods during the winter months.

However, one day in January I noticed the sun was actually shining for more than 5 minutes. It wasn’t too terribly cold. Cabin fever was setting in. I dug my rubber boot shoes out of the closet. Grabbed my camera. And off I went.

As expected the path was sloppy. Although patches of ice greeted me, much of it had started to melt on the surface – thanks to the sun.

Fortunately I was looking down – mostly to prevent a slip and fall scenario…how embarrassing would that be – and discovered what looked like a topographical map of ice. In the middle of a clearing under the high tension lines. Still in place despite the late day sun.


Bending. Crouching down. Balancing.  So many fascinating views through the camera’s lens.

Here is one example…

ice patch


also…photo a day challenge: End with the letter E

34 thoughts on “Ice Map

  1. My days of wandering in the woods around my parent’s home near New Paltz, NY, are far, far behind me and my life has been in the city for many years. Your photos allow me to remember those winter days of wandering through small fields of frozen grass, following the burbling sounds of a tiny cold stream, listening to the ice cracking, feeling the wind. Thank you so much for this lovely, amazing photo.

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    1. What wonderful memories. It is a very sensory experience. I think my pull to wander in the woods may originate from my childhood days – when I loved exploring a patch of woods at the end of my NJ suburban street. It has since been developed, but it was a magical place for me back then. Thank you and I am glad you like the photo. I felt like a detective in discovery mode 🙂


  2. Great photo – it is amazing what you find when you look down on the ground! I’m glad you didn’t fall!
    As I looked at your picture I wonder if the ice made noises as it formed? With all the different bubbles, and cracks and layers, it must’ve been noisy at least to the mice, right?

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