Farmers’ Market Fresh

A Farmers’ Market is the perfect place to discover the freshest produce…if you are lucky enough to find one near you. During a visit to Washington DC in June to visit my daughter and her family, we spent one Saturday morning enjoying the sights and sounds of the Petworth Community Market. A bustling collection of local vendors displayed a wide variety of products and services for sale. The community – all ages – was out in force taking it all in.

Tented displays featured a wide variety of vegetables, fruits and meats for sale. Along with flowers, coffees, breads, cookies, bagels and donuts. Including a booth selling fantastic gluten free donut holes!

Truly something for everyone.

Root vegetables were just a sampling of all the deliciousness available…

farmers market two

farmers market three

farmers market one


farmers market
Petworth Community Market
June 8, 2019


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Peppers Everywhere

This post inspired by May photo a day challenge

The prompt: Colorful


peppers everywhere


It was a cold gray dreary February day. No color to be found outside…other than brown, white and dark green peeking out from snow covered evergreens.

As I wandered through the produce section of a local grocery store (aptly called Market Basket), a rainbow of peppers caught my eye.

I imagined the security camera recording the image of a bundled up lady taking pictures of vegetables with her phone. Was she an undercover “Mystery Shopper”? (as I once was twenty years ago). Or from the Health Department? Or just capturing the perfect image to illustrate…Peter Piper Picked a Peck of….?

Or just because that pepper display was gorgeous…

I digress.

Vegetables = colorful. As well as being full of vitamins, minerals, nutrients, fiber and all kinds of good stuff you can’t get in a pill or a powder. No matter what the advertisers tell you.

Definitely a sight for my color starved eyes in the middle of winter.



Flower of the Day – Birthdays & Roses

I don’t believe in ageing. I believe in forever altering one’s aspect to the sun.

Virginia Woolf


My contribution to Cee’s Flower of the Day Challenge today is a personal one.

These photos are from the collection:  “Favorite Flowers of My Day”…

A gift from my son 7 years ago….

They arrived fresh, bright and glorious in color.


birthday roses 2012

Snug in a vase.

Petals delicately layered…

birthday roses close up

…a sweet long distance Happy Birthday.


May photo a day challenge – Layered