Peeling and Curling in the Sun

During a walk last week, I took a step back from looking at flowers and vines and tall grasses. I noticed a fence “guarding” the river behind it. I am not sure how long ago it was painted, but apparently it’s time for a fresh coat. Or maybe just a new fence. But that’s the town’s problem.

In the meantime, as the sunlight caught the peeling paint and cast this old tired fence in a new light (no pun intended), I aimed my camera up close.

The flowers would have to wait.

photo a day: Texture
colors and letters: With the letter P

[I have ventured into trying to use the block editor WP has forced upon us…and then went back to a hybrid. Time will tell how long this will take before Patience is lost to Aggravation.]

34 thoughts on “Peeling and Curling in the Sun

  1. Fascinating how things like peeling paint make interesting subjects. Nice one!
    I have been using the Block Editor, but selecting the classic block to create within….as it pretty much functions like the old Classic Editor, which I loved. Now if WP someday takes that away, I’ll be screwed!

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    1. Thank you!
      Yes, I found the classic block but not all the features where they usually were. Blocks were hopping around from place to place (for this post) – disappearing and reappearing – until enough was enough for today. I will persevere another day. πŸ™‚

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      1. I think so, too!!!! Ultimately, all the window trim on my house will be the color it’s supposed to be. Now it’s a really pretty deep terra-cotta red, but that’s just wrong. My house is a little stucco Spanish style house. Heck, even my house in San Diego was painted to look like houses down here. What’s right is right. ❀

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