Macro Monday: Gotcha!

bee butt

I am always impressed by my fellow bloggers who are so adept at photographing the tiniest members of our nature community.  I try to avoid…at all costs…these many legged creatures who always seem to show up uninvited. (except for butterflies of course!)

One of my favorite (in a weird sort of way) laughing childhood memories (in retrospect, but not at the time) was pointing at an errant spider or mosquito or ant or something tiny and gross crawling up my younger sister’s arm or neck…or even worse…her face. And yelling there’s a bug on you! there’s a bug on you! Followed by much swatting and slapping and inspection and running around. And general – genuine – hysteria.

Or conversely…spying it on myself and jumping around yelling there’s a bug on me! there’s a bug on me!  The fact that I react with massive swelling to bites plus I’m allergic to bee stings didn’t help. It became close to an almost sacred anti-insect ceremony…one of the few things my sister and I bonded over. The trespassers usually saved themselves and escaped.

Apparently now I’m too old or tired to get as wound up about it. A mysterious brown bug fell on my leg in the bathroom this morning. I think it had just woken up too and kept trying to fly away. There’s a bug on me! I grabbed it in a tissue and it was gone. Happy Monday.

So, back to Macro Monday. I waited for this bee to settle down and pose for a photo when visiting a neighborhood flower bed last week…and it kind of did.

My first Bug Photo…even if it is a bee’s butt.


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15 thoughts on “Macro Monday: Gotcha!

  1. One summer a lifetime ago, a horsefly got in my ear unbeknownst to me…I didn’t fee the bite at all, but when the blood started pouring out, my hysterics began.

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  2. That’s such interesting plant life around the bee bum. ❤ Quite a milestone for you to get so close to your fear. My daughter is also highly allergic to bee stings. She got bit on the lip when a toddler and her lip and tongue swelled up. The clinician told me that if she's ever stung again she could go into anaphylactic shock.

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