Macro Monday: Can’t Wait

April, 2020

In my part of the world Spring arrives in 19 days. I don’t know about you, but I’m (very) impatiently waiting for the change of seasons…more so this year than in the past. I am excited for buds and blossoms…and color!

I searched the archives and found this shot from last April…which, in the meantime, will have to suffice.

20 thoughts on “Macro Monday: Can’t Wait

  1. Lovely photo! I’m ready for spring, but it is coming too early and too fast here. Our temperatures are above zero for the next few weeks, way above normal. It will cause confusion in the plant world and make for treacherous roads.

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  2. My yellow crocus bloomed today. As always, I have mixed feelings. Summer, for me, is the crappy season of deer flies and blasting mid-day sun. I get over it (as does the year) and it’s only a couple of months. And there are the Scarlet Emperor beans. πŸ™‚

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    1. I love crocuses – little flags waving as if to say “Spring is almost here.” I prefer Spring over Summer. We get deer flies here too, usually awful in June. I can’t stand them either…along with the mosquitoes. Oooh – your beans will be back! 😊

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