Macro Monday

I look forward to Macro Monday as it is dedicated to getting up close to the endless beauties of nature. I enjoy exploring the woods behind my condo as a source of inspiration, macro camera at the ready.

However, last week I got sidetracked by the bathroom faucets from hell. Both the leaking old and the leaking new.

As a result, this week’s Macro Monday contribution is instead inspired by the past ten days of ridiculousness in my own insignificant small world. One of those home repairs you think is going to be simple…and straightforward…yet it ISN’T. So after three unsuccessful attempts by a professional (yes, three) you fix it yourself. It’s called reading the directions.

I suppose the only silver lining is the diversion it provided from the much more important realities outside my front door. And the feeling of accomplishment in my tiny sliver of the universe.

Before discarding “this” into the trash, I removed any savable parts…and lo and behold…a macro shot for “these days”…

faucet bottom

23 thoughts on “Macro Monday

      1. Yep….Step 1 is skip the instructions (which are often written in fractured English, or have strange diagrams that don’t make sense to me); Step 2 comes after I’ve got it part-way together, and I’m stuck–then I consult the diagram again πŸ™‚ You can tell how infrequently I vacuum by the fact that I still need the instructions each time I empty the plastic filter thingy (that’s overflowing) and have to reassemble it πŸ™‚

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  1. That’s an awesome macro shot! You have such a gift for finding unique angles that reveal faces. Sorry to hear about your plumbing issues. Glad you were able to fix it yourself. I’m feeling like the businesses that were considered essential or even those who were non-essential, in a way let their skills shut down for a period of time, making rusty things even worse.

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    1. Thanks Shelley. I enjoy looking for the unusual. There’s nothing like a tube of silicone to help resolve matters (as listed in the instructions…). You may be right about the rusty skills. Grrr…

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      1. Yes, I agree with your handyman. I must say I am also intrigued by that TV handyman who sells all those products that keep out water – from paint to caulking, ETC! They really do work. He is my hero πŸ˜‰ and I always applaud those commercials.

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