Now…you’re gonna need an ocean…

Inspired by SixWordSaturday


My husband and I went for a walk yesterday and stopped next to this beautiful patch of nature’s greenery. I make it a habit to look down for unexpected photo opportunities. Perhaps this was one! The sunlight was filtering through the trees…only a light breeze in the air. It looked promising.

However, my eagle eyed husband soon interrupted my concentration…

Look Out!

Me: What?

H: Be Careful. Don’t go near that. He pointed down at the plants.

Me: Why not? (I always ask why)

H: It’s Poison Ivy! See the three leaves!

Me: Are you sure? So many plants have 3 leaves, don’t they? I don’t stop and count.

H: Yes!

Me: Whatever. But it’s so pretty. I have to take a photo. I inched closer. My inner 12 year old really wanted to get a macro shot…but then again there’s that itching possibility.

Fortunately my inner adult took charge. Which was a good thing.

I didn’t end up needing that calamine lotion after all.


poison ivy


31 thoughts on “Now…you’re gonna need an ocean…

  1. Once in a canyon in California I saw a young couple out walking. It was autumn. The poison oak was bright red. The young woman had gathered a bouquet and was burying her face in it. I didn’t say anything. It seemed a lost cause at that point and, for the moment, she was enjoying it… I’m glad your husband spoke up!!!!

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    1. Wow. That poor woman. She had her moment, but the aftermath…. Yes I’m glad I was warned. It is deceiving in its appearance (but then so are many things…) I’ll have to look up what poison oak looks like!

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      1. I think it’s great, kind of a childlike innocence and curiosity, healthy! I was raised to Never Question Anything–aarrgghh!!

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      2. I was raised that way too. But I channeled all that curiosity outside the family unit (for the most part – although in school it was not often encouraged either…).


      3. That’s true of my recall, too–that curiosity in school wasn’t encouraged. So crazy…you’d think teachers would be delighted that a student wanted to learn “More”.

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