A Twilight Goodnight

BeckyB JanuaryLight…square photographs of words ending in light…


I couldn’t let January squares finish up without posting one of my favorite light photos (with a few streetlights joining in) from a visit to Washington DC last month.


Evening twilight…those minutes before day becomes night…offers up colors in the sky you won’t find at any other time. Cloud cover, or lack thereof, only adds to the mix…filtering what’s left of the sun as it slowly disappears.

Momentarily leaving behind a unique palette…showcasing a truly peaceful twilight zone.

8 thoughts on “A Twilight Goodnight

  1. Love “peaceful twilight zone”–and of course the photo is marvelous, those amazing colors swirling together for one last dance before night. I’ve probably mentioned this before, but before the townhouses were built, west of me, I had a spectacular view of sunsets. I miss them, as now I only have a sliver of the full canvas. Sometimes “progress” is a thief.

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