Macro Monday: One of a kind moment

BeckyB’s October Squares: Kind

As a macro photographer, I drop everything for a moment like this. When a brief but gentle rain has just ended. The sun is trying to peek through clouds. Leaves have started drifting down from nearby trees already starting to change color.

Nature sparkles outside my window.

Out the back door and down the stairs I go.

Although partially hidden from view, I catch a glimpse of red as I (almost) walk by an evergreen tree. I bend in between the branches, careful not to dislodge my discovery…a perfectly balanced leaf.

The sun plays hide and seek as I wait and focus…repeatedly clicking the shutter until the millisecond moment when light, color and shadow…hopefully…merge.

Once in a while – with a bit of luck and cooperation from Mother Nature (who is, after all, the one really in charge here) – I am rewarded with my favorite kind of photograph.

A Twilight Goodnight

BeckyB JanuaryLight…square photographs of words ending in light…


I couldn’t let January squares finish up without posting one of my favorite light photos (with a few streetlights joining in) from a visit to Washington DC last month.


Evening twilight…those minutes before day becomes night…offers up colors in the sky you won’t find at any other time. Cloud cover, or lack thereof, only adds to the mix…filtering what’s left of the sun as it slowly disappears.

Momentarily leaving behind a unique palette…showcasing a truly peaceful twilight zone.

Photo a Week – Lit from Within

Nancy Merrill is hosting a photo challenge. The theme this week:

A Photo a Week Challenge – Lit from Within


One of my favorite Christmas decorations/ornaments is a “lit from within” glass globe featuring an angel inside. A special gift from a special friend a few years ago.

It can either be hung from a tree branch or placed on a flat surface. In our case, this year the flat surface is perfect…since we are not putting up a tree for the first time in over 40 years. Empty nesters that we are, we are flying from the nest to celebrate with our hosting-for-the-holiday adult children.

In the meantime…this Angel will rest on our mantel and continuously spread Christmas cheer with a flick of a switch.


from gold…


to blue…


to green…


Flower of the Day

My contribution to…Cee’s Photography FOTD

Daylight Saving Time is gone until next year.

Less sunlight means catch it when I can.
Which I did this morning.

My Bougainvillea plant (thanks to blogger AYR for helping identify it from a previous post) plays dead for weeks at a time.
Flowerless for the past month or so.
Despite sitting right next to a window.
No matter what I did.

I fed it some fertilizer a week or so ago and just let it be.

This past week, it surprised me once again by bursting into bloom. Just when I needed some color…
to filter  and bounce shadows in the morning sun.



This post is inspired by:

V.J.’s Weekly Challenge #21: Veil

As If

Veils deceive.
Camouflage. Conceal.
Disguise. Hide.
Cover up.
But not forever.

Cloaked in flimsy sheerness
Secrets slither from splits.
Haunting. Horrific. Hazy.
If you dare to peer inside
For a brief moment.
Which you rarely do.
For close to a lifetime.

Family behind a curtain.
Membrane wrapped tight
Barely concealing fear.
Hiding guilt.
And shame.

Perpetuating the as if.
As if there is kindness.
As if there is love.
As if there is trust.
As if this is real.

Binding frayed
One’s veil yanked away.
Left alone. Unmasked.

Nowhere to look
But straight at the light.
Pain. Loss. Truth.


night sky

Tuesday Photo Challenge – Light and Dark

Here is my entry for this week’s challenge hosted by “Dutch goes the Photo”

The theme this week is “Light and Dark”

A few years ago…for a brief 3 months, we rented a very small condo across the street from a stretch of Hampton Beach in NH.

It was a temporary home while we waited for our new condo to be finished…after  downsizing from almost 37 years in a 3 bedroom house.  In the interim, we stored most of our belongings and essentially moved twice. First to this rental! It was a stressful time of uncertainty, planning, paperwork, scheduling, packing, unpacking, working…oh and hosting Christmas with 3 more adults and a sweet baby.

However, this cozy oasis on the coast proved to be just that…an oasis in the midst of life’s chaos. Breakfast watching the sun rise. The stunning late afternoon light as the day ended. From dark to light and back again.

The view from any window had been more than enough to calm and restore my rattled self during that mini-chapter of life.

I took this photo the day we left.
One last look.