Last Ups

BeckyB’s January Squares: Up


I am very late to the party known as BeckyB’s January Squares challenge. Since it’s not technically too late, I’ll slide in for the last day.

Photography continued during my hiatus from blogging and a few entries emerged (or should I say – came up)…

Cracking up or breaking up can take on many meanings. I captured a literal example during a very cold walk by the tidal river near my home last month.

Finally…here’s to looking up (in all its manifestations)…as this snowman is doing…after being all shook up by yours truly.

I’m already looking forward to Becky’s April Squares challenge. By then it will be Spring!

A Twilight Goodnight

BeckyB JanuaryLight…square photographs of words ending in light…


I couldn’t let January squares finish up without posting one of my favorite light photos (with a few streetlights joining in) from a visit to Washington DC last month.


Evening twilight…those minutes before day becomes night…offers up colors in the sky you won’t find at any other time. Cloud cover, or lack thereof, only adds to the mix…filtering what’s left of the sun as it slowly disappears.

Momentarily leaving behind a unique palette…showcasing a truly peaceful twilight zone.

Firelight Flames

BeckyB: JanuaryLight…square photographs of words ending in light…


Even though it is only mid-January, it was 65°F yesterday. I was able to pretend we had jumped past my least favorite weather months of January and February…

Apparently so could a local restaurant, which set up a few outside tables…and turned on the fire pits (as well as the air conditioning inside, which was a bit much).

Now we all could pretend.


Taillight Twins

Becky B: JanuaryLightsquare photographs of words ending in light


A 1957 baby blue Cadillac is hibernating in the basement garage of my condo building. Safe from winter’s snow, ice and salt covered roads.

Its shiny rear bumper extends past the straight white lines marking off the designated parking spaces. Making its presence known.

Every time I walk by this blue behemoth, I feel like it is watching me.




City Streetlight

January marks a new squares challenge from BeckyB: JanuaryLights.

The challenge is to post square photographs of words ending in light.


My entry for today was taken the day after Christmas in Washington DC.

On a walk back from a neighborhood park, the sun started to set.

When the streetlights came on, I was ready.