Sunshine’s Macro Monday: The Beet Goes On

Inspired by Sunshine’s Macro Monday #23


Root vegetables galore covered the tables at a local indoor farmers’ market a few months ago.

I don’t usually buy fresh beets at the grocery store.

However, this time I thought…why not?

Look at all those colors!


22 thoughts on “Sunshine’s Macro Monday: The Beet Goes On

  1. I love beets! Steamed with butter and salt. Is that still healthy? My doctor told me that beet juice daily is a way to naturally lower blood pressure. So I drink a glass every day. I like the organic kind, no sweeteners. What did you do with your beets?

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  2. I’m a beet fan too πŸ™‚ Usually just get the cans of pickled ones, but your other readers have me thinking I could buy fresh and cook them satisfactorily. Thanks!

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