Tuesday Photo Challenge – Cake

This post inspired by Frank at Dutch goes the Photo

The prompt: Cake


“Honey, could you please get me a cake of soap?”

I remember my grandmother asking me that question – under what circumstances I have no idea.

I asked her what she meant…and she explained.

It was the term used back in her day. When soap was made in large blocks. A slice for personal use was called a cake. She preferred Camay. And later on, Ivory.



cakes of soap
Cakes of Soap 2019


And…oddly enough…now that I think about it…she was also the grandmother who made all of her grandchildren’s birthday cakes.
Every year. From scratch!
We chose the flavor.
Mine was coconut.


1971 oma cake
Oma 1971






16 thoughts on “Tuesday Photo Challenge – Cake

  1. It is fascinating how word usage changes . . . how the current cultural/social climate impacts word choice and the inferences associated. I’ve never heard of a soap cake . . . rather cool actually. Loved the bit of history and the personal connection with your grandmother.

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  2. wonderful post! thanks for teaching us about the term “cake” for soap.
    I forgot about camay
    and in my mind – older people love “dove” – at least a lot of the elderly folks I know like that Dove.
    I used Dr. Bronner’s sopa (mostly the liquid) but love that brand.
    and i like the three bars of soap – is the red one dial?
    and nice shot of Oma

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    1. Thank you!
      Yes, Oma used to remark that the Dove was 99.4% pure. And that impressed her. (I always wondered “pure what?”). The red soap is probably 30 years old – it’s a translucent Avon brand soap that I had never opened, but kept in a bureau drawer for its lovely smell.

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