Macro Monday: Look at Me

Look at Me!

While walking along the sidewalk at Hampton Beach a few months ago, I noticed the sun (always the sun) highlighting a perhaps often overlooked narrow strip of a garden. Including a seemingly oversized leaf in the midst of a lovely flower display.

It needed a sign:

It’s not just about the sand and the surf people! Please look down here!

The only way to show proper respect for these beauties of nature was to fill the frame, sun and all.


Cee’s Flower of the Day (maybe someone can identify this plant!)

28 thoughts on “Macro Monday: Look at Me

  1. Gorgeous photo. I like the message, too.

    Neither Out Far Nor In Deep
    Robert Frost

    The people along the sand
    All turn and look one way.
    They turn their back on the land.
    They look at the sea all day.

    As long as it takes to pass
    A ship keeps raising its hull;
    The wetter ground like glass
    Reflects a standing gull

    The land may vary more;
    But wherever the truth may be—
    The water comes ashore,
    And the people look at the sea.

    They cannot look out far.
    They cannot look in deep.
    But when was that ever a bar
    To any watch they keep?

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    1. Thank you, Martha. Wow – what a wonderful poem to go with this post. I’m honored – Robert Frost no less…”They turn their back on the land. They look at the sea all day.”… Beautiful! ❤️

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  2. I’ve seen the purple flowers before. I may have even photographed a few thousand shots. Can I tell you it’s name without cheating and looking it up? Not a chance. But I put ‘small purple daisy-like flower’ into Google and lo and behold, it gave up the name: Purple Aster. It was then that I recognized I planted some of this in my garden. It’s so pretty, but is overwhelmed by much bigger plants. I really should move it out to enjoy the sun more! As to the big leaf? I suspect it’s name is something Latin like BIggus Leafus.

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