Macro Monday: Splash of Red

BeckyB October Squares: Kind

We are in the middle of a severe drought here in the northeast USA and nobody complains when dark clouds appear in the sky.

Mother Nature was kind enough to grace us with a brief period of rain one morning last week. The leaves are falling faster than usual and one landed on the back stairs in time for a photo. The wind picked up and within minutes it was gone.

Unfortunately…the drought continues.

25 thoughts on “Macro Monday: Splash of Red

      1. You’re so welcome. I’m thinking Bedelia could use a new color scheme 🙂 Again, I’m sorry about the drought–I completely missed that in the news.

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      2. There are so many more awful things happening on a daily basis – which is probably why it may not have made national news! It is one more thing. 😕


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