Lens-Artists Challenge: Winter

Lens-Artists Challenge#107: Winter

“Winter is the time for comfort, for good food and warmth, for the touch of a friendly hand, and for a talk beside the fire: it is the time for home.”

Edith Sitwell


Winter brings back the cold. Reliable get-out-the-thick-sweaters cold. Gotta put on a coat before stepping outside cold. Hats and gloves cold.

Most of the time, however, this season of cold shows off…with spectacular displays of snow. My favorite time is right after a snowfall…while it is still fresh and new.

snow maple

Before the city plows started piling it up at the end of our driveway…


That’s how I remember winter days back when we owned a house with a driveway and a walkway and a deck. Where the oh-so-beautiful snow couldn’t remain where nature dropped it. When we had to shovel and snowblow and move it out of the way.

snow deck

Color exploded in the sky our last Christmas at the house where we lived for over 36 years.

December 2015

Along with Christmas comes a gathering together of family. Complete with holiday lights and decorations.

Winter also brings about changes at the beach – the sand is groomed into hills to guard against storm surges. At least that’s what the hippy guy from town told me – who I crossed paths with the day I took this picture.

winter beach
Hampton Beach, NH – January 2020

A January walk in the woods isn’t totally devoid of color…if you look closely…

winter berries

And last…but not least…in my growing family winter always meant…
…are you ready for some basketball? 

Both of my children played for their high school teams and enjoyed it immensely. As did my husband and I…watching and enthusiastically cheering in the comfort of a heated gym.

Box Out! πŸ€ Defense! πŸ€ Go Team! πŸ€

27 thoughts on “Lens-Artists Challenge: Winter

  1. As the days are noticeably shorter and a few cranes are at the Refuge, Bear and I are feeling a spring in our step. It’s still several months away, but it WILL return. I love your photos. They remind me of the incredible beauty of winter here. Thank you!

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  2. You and I enjoy much of the same parts of winter and I dislike the moving of it too. A freshly fallen snow covering is very enchanting and definitely makes for a great backdrop for pops of color from berries and birds. I’ve never heard of hills of sand on beaches, that’s very interesting. Great job on the prompt!

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    1. Thank you Shelley. I think winter is more than just about the snow – although I agree, it does provide a wonderful backdrop for the few bits of color that make their way into view. The sand hills were new to me too. They looked like mountains at first!

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