Playing Perspectives

BeckyB July Squares: Perspectives

Today is the last day of Becky B’s fantastic month long challenge. Every photo has to be square – and in some way portray this month’s theme: perspectives.

It goes without saying that life around the world has changed in the last few months – and our perspectives along with it. I can only speak for myself as to specifics – but along with the isolation, restrictions and fear…there has been at least one silver lining in my family life.

My husband teaches guitar for a living – has been doing so for over 40 years. Both of our children have guitars and have benefitted from his influence and guidance over the years.

Our son’s interest in the guitar began during his senior year in college and he made do with my old acoustic from childhood. He started his post-college life in the Washington DC area and during a 2014 visit, Dad was able to give him a few lessons.

While I obviously snuck around taking photos…as usual…

March 2014 guitar lesson
March 2014

We gave our son a new guitar for his birthday shortly thereafter.

However, as a busy young finance professional, he hadn’t had much time to really dive into it. Until COVID-19 hit and changed everything.

Quarantined at home in Washington, DC, he picked up the guitar again this past March. He has been connecting with Dad on a weekly basis for lessons and conversation ever since.

Guitar lessons and connections during a pandemic…a new perspective.

guitar lesson
June 2020


28 thoughts on “Playing Perspectives

  1. A nice glimpse into your family. Young people setting up a career, as I remember it, hardly want to acknowledge parents exist, much less take lessons from them, so it speaks volumes as to a special dynamic between father and son … and permitting Mom to take photos … also says a lot! The photos, as always, are great to look at.

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    1. Thank you Ellen. You make good points too – and it is a special dynamic. My “kids” have long been used to my photographic pursuits at family events and get togethers. πŸ™‚


  2. My husband has been doing his guitar lessons from the computer as well. I think his guitar teacher may just continue giving students their lessons via Zoom even after this is all over. He used to commute an hour and a half one way just to give my husband his lesson.

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    1. Wow! That’s a long drive! It would make sense to try to avoid that. My husband says the major drawback for teaching is the time delay over the internet – he and his students can’t play together and match up.

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      1. He was actually taking the subway and bus to our place. We drove to his place one day and because the roads were closed for cyclists and pedestrians it took us over an hour.

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      2. I do wonder, Mama and Andrea, how many different kinds of things will revert to Zoom even after the pandemic! I’ve quite enjoyed being able to get advice from my doctor without having to travel there.
        BTW, you probably know that the name Cormier also belonged to Robert De Cormier, a beloved folk musician and choral director. I had the joy of singing with him once, when I visited a friend who dragged me to her rehearsal. I remember the song to this day. He was very influential, even teaching Mary Travers of Peter, Paul and Mary. So your husband is following in a find tradition!

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      3. Yes, there very well may be a shift to more Zoom interactions for doctor visits and such. I imagine insurance reimbursement will determine how much. How cool that you had the experience of singing with someone so involved with the folk scene. I love Mary Travers – her voice was like velvet. I still have an album she released by herself.


  3. Oh I love this, truly heartwarming–I feel like I just watched a snippet from one of the wholesome family-centered shows we grew up amid!

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