Looking forward to the other side

“Those who contemplate the beauty of the earth find reserves of strength that will endure as long as life lasts.”

Rachel Carson

from the back fence

Behind one sturdy fence lies a river
Rising and falling with every tide
Each day the moon is relied on
Nature carrying us along for the ride

I took a break from a long walk in our local park recently and took a seat…alone…on the memorial bench we had donated to honor my in-laws. My view was interrupted by the metal fence separating me from the river beyond. But I knew what was there.

Bordering trees and plant life often double as reflections on the water’s surface. River banks are exposed when the tide is low and disappear when the tide is high. There is something strangely calming and comforting about this. The predictable pull of the moon. An ebb and flow of the changing seasons and time of day.

Nature at its finest with a lesson at its core.

It was hot as blazes the day I took this photo. What did I expect for July? Exactly what happens every July.

I hold out hope upon hope that a predictable life will return someday.

When we get to the other side.


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41 thoughts on “Looking forward to the other side

  1. Me too. I had to tell my cousin and daughter not to come visit me last month. Now I had to tell good friends not to visit me next month. I’m a little annoyed that they even thought it was possible. I have asthma and diabetes and an auto-immune condition. It’s been deeply clarifying (and I thank the Big Empty) to do what nature insists on doing, and that is, survive, to ask myself, “What’s my job now?” “Your job is to survive, sweet cheeks.” BUT that is predicated on their being another “side.” I watch the chipmunks scurry as fast at they can for cover knowing that there are predators in the sky. I watched the geese struggle to protect their six goslings and saw they managed only to save three. Basically, you don’t fuck around with a mortal enemy. You take cover.

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    1. Thanks Martha – you put it quite succinctly…we have much to learn from Mother Nature if only we would (all) pay attention. And would-be visitors would pay attention as well. It all pares down to survival, doesn’t it. The “other side” question hovers over me too. Greatly. ❀️

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      1. Probably because I’m usually full to the brim with sensitivity and sincerity–hope your weekend has been blessed ❀

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      2. Pretty good–though I just learned that on top of everything, one of my neighbors is camped upstairs with a broken leg (2 closed fractures). Good grief–UP’s my gratitude for my lesser woes, for sure! I’ll bring her some yummy Asian Ramen Salad tomorrow–if I though you could eat it, I’d give you the recipe, but I’m thinking ramen noodles are not good for you πŸ™‚ I may post it anyway, for someone… Sorry, I’m rambling today, yikes!

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      3. I am sure your neighbor will appreciate your generous thoughtfulness. (you’re right, ramen noodles are not a good idea for me, but otherwise sounds yummy) πŸ™‚


      4. Great! You’re welcome, and I’ll ponder the quantity of the rice blend I would use…and maybe get the recipe posted before the hot days are over and we start thinking “soup” πŸ™‚

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  2. A predictable life feels like something that melted with the winter snow, the β€œbefore times.” I’m trying to see beauty in every day so as not to merely live waiting for better days. Without nature and its ability to calm me I might lose my mind!

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  3. The regularity of the seasons and the phases of the moon give me hope also. The other side of covid will be a long time coming. I’m glad to hear that nature brings you a sense of solace and calm reflection. That photo seems to symbolize the struggle you are going through. Sometimes one has to ignore the fence to see the beauty on the other side. πŸ™‚

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    1. Thanks Olga – you noticed the symbolism…of the struggle for me. Ignoring the fence or looking over it maybe? There has to be a way around it. Because, as you say, the other side is a long time coming.

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