Tree of green, sky of blue

BeckyB JulySquares: Perspectives



perspective leaves

Looking up has many advantages.

On this particular day…more than usual.

After all…it is still a Wonderful World…


15 thoughts on “Tree of green, sky of blue

  1. That beautiful photo reminded me of a poem that I happened to write:

    My Heart Beats Faster …

    A friend
    waiting by a by a bridge
    for me

    a shy dog
    its cold nose
    in my palm

    the sight of
    any sky through
    any leaves

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    1. Thank you! Your poem is beautiful and I am honored to connect it with my photo. I love your choice of words… “a shy dog…its cold nose in my palm…” 🙂


      1. You’re welcome–I’ve said it before, there’s something about your photos that speaks a good word to the reader 🙂

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