I spied with my little eye…

BeckyB JulySquares: Perspectives



I almost missed witnessing a clandestine dewdrop convention during a walk last week. Fortunately a glint of sun caught my eye…stopping me in my tracks.

What is that?

I carefully trespassed a few yards onto an expanse of lawn to investigate. Nobody was out and about…so I was safe to proceed.

First look:

drops far back

How the heck were those drops hanging there? No signs of a cobweb that I could see.

Gotta get closer.

Second look:

drops closer

Maybe…it really was magic.

Third look:

drops floating

Yup. Magic. That explains it.

35 thoughts on “I spied with my little eye…

      1. I just bought this one a year ago. My first DSLR. I got some guidance from a professional photographer blogger on how and what to look for. It’s a Canon EOS RP. I only bought one lens ($$) – the macro one – RF 35mm F1.8. I know there is still more I can do with it, but need to find a tutorial. (I had a Canon film camera back in the day and loved that one too)

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    1. Thanks Martha! I was so intrigued by this. I looked and looked and could see no web. Although my husband, who was with me, insisted there Must Be One. I could find no evidence. Perhaps I’m the one who believes in magic πŸ™‚

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  1. Oh my gosh, indeed magical and exquisitely beautiful! I love the progression of photos as you continue exploring with your eyes πŸ™‚ Might be a poem in the third one…if you agree πŸ™‚

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