Lens Artists Challenge: Surprise

Lens Artists Challenge #103: Surprise


I am often surprised when I transfer the photos from my camera card to my laptop. The images I remember from clicking away do not always coincide with the actual results. Sometimes this is disappointing, but often I am pleasantly surprised…sort of like that excitement on Christmas morning as a child. Or opening the mystery treasure box with a special key in the gift shop at a local restaurant after dinner.

When I took the following photo, I focused on the lamp’s reflection in the window, but the resulting image morphed into the trees instead.

I actually like this one better than what I originally had in mind.

lamp in the trees
Then there was the rain pounding on our living room windows early one evening last week.

Raindrops! Photo!

I thought I was standing far enough to the side to avoid my own reflection. In the camera’s viewfinder it looked like I was. However…


I had to look twice, but…there it was. Do you see it?

screen drops silhouette
And last but not least…

During a quick dash down the frozen food aisle of a local grocery store, I glanced up…and ahead of me…on display at the end of an extensive beer display…


beer bear
Bear Selling Beer

Since this discovery, I have seen the beer bear (now wearing a mask) also promoting chips, crackers and boxes of cookies.

Yogi would have been jealous.

27 thoughts on “Lens Artists Challenge: Surprise

  1. Surprises are often positive, I agree. Fun choices – but I cannot really see your reflection! There are shadowy parts and lighter parts – but which of them is you? The bear looks sweet, but a surprise if you were rushing by!

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    1. Thank you. Yes, surprises are often positive and those are the ones I like to document! My reflection is mostly behind the shadowy outline of the camera lens, which is visible along the window slat in the middle. I admit it is hard to see it.


  2. Haha, Yogi selling beer! Or cookies, anything–good for him!!

    I have to say that the first photo really intrigues me, so evocative–if you permit, I’ll add it to my growing list of your photos I want to write to–the lamp in the trees holds a message. So, let me know about that one (I’m just about ready to post the poem related to your fabulous gazebo/reflection photo).

    As to the 2nd one–it’s gorgeous, and I’ve looked and looked, but don’t see what I’m supposed to see. I’m just seeing a cross.

    I so enjoy your photos, Andrea–more than anyone else’s 🙂 ❤

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    1. Thanks, Leslie. I am so glad you enjoy my photos. The lamp in the trees intrigued me as well (and yes, feel free to write to it!). A hint about the second photo – look for the reflection of the camera lens on the right side. That’s what eventually became visible to me. Kind of like those rorschach tests. 🙂


      1. You’re so welcome–and I’m grateful you allow me to use some of your photos, as I enjoy the collaboration–thank you! I did see what looked like a different shading of color on the right side of the 2nd photo–but it didn’t reveal anything to me. It’s probably my cataracts limiting how much I can see.
        I’m smiling about rorschach tests–do you remember the old Andy Griffith episode where Barney was going to help Otis the town drunk…and he gave him that test, asked what Otis saw…and everything looked like a “bat” to Otis, which frustrated Barney to the max! 😉

        See you later–I’ve not been to bed yet, so I should probably consider a nap 🙂

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      2. The old episodes are running on a local station, so I’m enjoying a trip in the time machine, my escape from the real world 2020 🙂

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  3. I’m the same after a photo adventure, Andrea. Can’t wait to see what was captured. By the way, I did see some blurry, facial features before you pointed out the location to Rhen. The ghostly lamp and lawn chairs image is so intriguing. A feeling of crossing into another dimension.

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    1. Thanks Olga! What clued me was a blurry dark outline of the camera lens in the window’s horizontal crosspiece. 🙂 Yes, I thought the lamp had a ghostly quality as well. One more surprise!

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