Covid Push

Inspired by V.J.’s Weekly Challenge #101: Decisions

dark clouds

I’m done two weeks from tomorrow!

My friend of over 30 years called a few days ago with the news. She had made the decision to “retire” after 35+ years from her job in outpatient healthcare at a physician’s office owned by a local hospital. I put quotation marks with retire because her decision was made out of desperation. It was not made easily. It wasn’t what she had planned.

It’s the Covid push.

I had not heard the term before, but she mentioned it as an afterthought. We’d had many conversations over the last few months about the challenges she endured at work. The powers that be prioritized her schedule to include in-person visits throughout the entire pandemic. She has been terrified. At high risk herself, she was also counseling high risk patients. One after the other…when tele-health video visits would easily have sufficed.

Let’s remember, however, that insurance companies reimburse health care providers the most for in-person patient visits. Then there’s tele-health video…and the lowest reimbursement? Telephone counseling. It’s all about the money…don’t get me started.

My friend is an excellent practitioner and educator. Caring, thorough and the ultimate professional. She is also hoping to be around for her adult daughters and grandchildren for many more years to come.

It’s just not worth it anymore. I can’t do it.

I had never heard those words from her before. But there they were. Her husband, a teacher with the same risk factors, had been teaching at a public high school. He also “retired.”

They scrambled to restructure finances and find other health care options. But for the first time in many months, I heard relief in her voice.

The decision had…finally…been made.

24 thoughts on “Covid Push

  1. Oh gosh, Andrea–I felt this one so deep. One more instance of how “everything” is impacting “everyone”. What a horrid term, “COVID push”…but I guess there wouldn’t be a good way to describe it. I’m so sorry.

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      1. Truly it does…I’m relieved that she has a plan; still, it sounds like a loss to be acknowledged. The ripple effect of this damn virus seems to grow wider every day.

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  2. Yes, we all. have to know and honor our limits. Where an agency isn’t going all out to protect its health workers, it certainly seems like an appropriate response. Too many of our heroes and heroines have died in this pandemic. I hope your friend has a glorious retirement!

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  3. It’s sad that it has forced them to retire but I understand the relief. I lost my job because of COVID19 and have no desire to put myself out there. I’m almost 55 & hubby is almost 65. Bless your friend for taking care of herself. 😊

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