Macro Monday: Bud to Bloom

I took a slight detour during a walk downtown last week and found an empty bench surrounded by gorgeous blooming plant life. Lucky me. It was also one of those days when the persistent cloud cover unexpectedly shifts…lets a bit of sun poke through…and then closes up again. With little to no breeze. Thankfully my camera was close at hand.

I noticed all phases of flowering going on. Right next to me.

From the ready-or-not-here-I-come “before” to the Hello-World-here-I-am “after,” blossoms of all stages, shapes and sizes hung from a mass of leafy branches. I wondered if it was common to find such a variety on the same bush…at the same time. Or maybe I just never looked closely before. Yeah, that’s more likely the case.


before flower


after bloom

20 thoughts on “Macro Monday: Bud to Bloom

  1. Oh my, what gorgeous photos yet again! Can you tell me what flower it is…feels like it’s on the tip of my brain’s tongue, but can’t quite get it πŸ™‚

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