Sunny Day

Inspired by V.J.’s Weekly Challenge #84: Sun

Let’s evoke the power of the sun this week, with images, poems, and stories to warm us up.


It’s warmer here Mom, my daughter informed me last week.

I was preparing to visit her & her family in Washington DC to babysit my 3 ½ year old grandson for 3 days of his pre-K school vacation.

I interpreted that to mean Spring warmth. Big mistake. It was still too cold…for me. I did not pack accordingly. Obviously too much wishful thinking.

I arrived on Tuesday to temps in the 40s, but with little or no sun.  Which continued into Wednesday, along with a cold biting wind that slowly but surely froze my hands and ears walking with this very active little boy…5 blocks to the library for story time. Next on to the park to climb, slide and run around (him not me) on Wednesday and again on Thursday. The grey day cold seeped in deeper as I had to retrace our steps to get on the right street (he redirected me). Five blocks turned into six…seven….

What is it about a cloudy cold day that can drain your energy more than usual? Even when you are doing exciting things like walking down the street hand in hand with a conversational little boy…following an orange garbage truck to watch the stopping and emptying of trash cans.

Or…Waiting and observing and discussing why 3 workers across the street are just standing around an open manhole cover clearly marked with caution tape…
Grandma what are they doing?
Waiting to see what happens next.
Grandma why are they doing nothing?

The temperature feels colder under a cloudy sky when you stop at every alley to watch for cars or trucks or whatever may come zooming out. Or walk the wrong way…twice…
Grandma that’s the coffee shop! We have to go that way over there!

I have no sense of direction – I freely admit that – but my brain was also frozen. That’s my excuse this week. As well as not being properly dressed for walking the streets of DC in February. My grandson remained unfazed by the cold and our adventurous routes around the neighborhood.

The overcast skies continued…until yesterday.

IMG_2403 2

What a difference that sun can make.

back yard sun

We played closer to home during my last day of Grandma time.

It felt just a bit warmer.


I love sunny days.

16 thoughts on “Sunny Day

  1. Oh gosh, I really felt for you. Between the cold, and directional challenge, yikes! Your grandson is adorable, and clearly brighter than the average “bear”–so fun to listen to how they think at that age 🙂 I’m glad the sun made a better late than never appearance. If you didn’t happen to get the link–I posted the poem for your ice patch–just look for your photo 🙂

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    1. It was an incredible few days seeing the world through his eyes. The cold did not detract from the joy of spending time with him – he had me laughing through it all. I love your reference to Yogi too 🙂
      Since my energy and time was focused on him, I wasn’t on the blog much. I am home now resting up LOL. I will check out your poem. Thanks for the reminder. 🙂


      1. Oh yes, that kind of JOY would be warmth in the cold! Kids are great entertainment 🙂 Do rest up, it may take you more than a day or 2–no worries about blog reading!! 🙂 ❤

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  2. Lovely photos to accentuate your post. Grandchildren can be a wonder to spend time with. He looks so happy riding his scooter. 🙂 Happy for you that the sun finally came out to warm your time with him.

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