Whispering Wind

Inspired by V.J.’s Weekly Challenge #82: whisper


whisper sunset


Whispering wind came uninvited.

This lyric popped into my head the moment I saw V.J.’s challenge topic this week. And there it remained. No matter what I did.

The first line from a song almost 50 years old.

A song I discovered as a teenager.

But should I use it for this challenge? Surely there are other more relevant options…

I could write about the behind-my-back whispering I endured as an awkward too-tall glasses-wearing 12 year old trying to fit in with the cool kids. While pretending everything was fine. And holding back the tears.

Or, at home, how whispering meant something was off…not as it should be. Somehow…tilted. One more secret to swallow. Remember. Always on alert. My stomach in knots.

Don’t tell your sister. Don’t tell your grandparents. Don’t tell your father.

Just plain don’t tell. What will people say?

Or else.

There are no witnesses to a whisper.

So…whisper…not a comfortable topic to revisit. As it led to secrets and shaming and being left out. No need to relive that.

There it was again…whispering wind

Here’s the thing…I’ve finally learned to honor the flashing signs that appear in my head.

So here goes…

The song in question was written by Carole King and is included on her 1971 album “Music” – the album that followed my all time favorite “Tapestry.”


Song of Long Ago
Words and Music by Carole King

Whispering wind came uninvited
Looking for somewhere else to go
Here is a lamp I’ve left unlighted
Aren’t you someone I should know?

Memory’s flame is soon ignited
Lighting my lamp with amber glow
Quietly friends are reunited
Singing a song of long ago, la la la

Cry, cry for someone
Who just can’t be happy
And be glad you can feel enough to cry

Younger than always, time descended
Bringing me brand new seeds to sow
Now that they’ve been a long time planted
What must I do to help them grow?

If it had been as I intended
I wouldn’t have the peace I know
Loving the people I’ve befriended
And singing the song of long ago, la la la

As it began, so I will end it
Singing a song of long ago
Loving the people I’ve befriended
And singing the song of long, long, long ago.

I hadn’t listened carefully to Song of Long Ago in many years…until now.

What a difference – in perspective – a lifetime can make…in the listening.

Whispering wind…as relevant as ever.

By the way…Happy Birthday to Carole King.

She will be 78 years old this Sunday, February 9th.

21 thoughts on “Whispering Wind

  1. I love her music from those many years ago! I’m glad she’s still with us. Seems like I recall her and James Taylor had a thing?

    Your words took me back to my junior high school days, even a bit of high school. I was terribly shy, introverted. Other kids assumed I think that I was a stuck up jerk. Nope. I was glad when the torture was over, never went to school again. Today you can’t shut me up…

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    1. Going back to those junior high days isn’t easy, is it. Except maybe for what we have learned since. At least I hope so.
      I don’t think Carole & JT had anything more than a friendship and working relationship. He is actually singing backup vocals on this song.

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  2. Once again, you hit on so many things that create resonance – the too, tall with glasses, the family whispers, secrets to never be uttered. Glad you decided to follow your impulse. Carole King’s music was like a dear friend helping us through it all.

    Liked by 2 people

    1. Her music is so very special. After Tapestry, I was hooked – I still have all of her albums. Thank you for commenting – I am glad you like the post. Secrecy and whispers just lined up together. Unfortunately.

      Liked by 1 person

  3. WOW…just Wow… the word ‘whispering’ is chock full of associations, many of them so unpleasant. Yet, if I squint real hard, I’m sure I can come up with a few nice ones. Where do all the decades go…how can Carole King be 78?? Fabulous post, my friend.

    Liked by 1 person

  4. It’s amazing how we ever survive teenage years. For those that survive, we never forget the lessons we learn. I’m glad you survived and that you’re able to look back onto the good memories of that time too. I love that song! Nice choice to share it. Hugs to you – xx

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