11 thoughts on “Wordless Wednesday

  1. Hi have just a short haiku prepared for this photo–but first I want to ask if you’ve had enough of the collaborations? I’d keep doing them, giving you full photo credit as long as you’re interested, but I don’t want you to feel obligated in any way. There was another blogger who refused to give permission for others to use her photos–which is her, and everyone’s, inarguable right. I don’t want to presume or take advantage in any way ❤

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    1. I appreciate your concern – and I will certainly let you know if I prefer to keep a photo for my post only. However, so far so good! As long as you continue to ask each time, which I am sure you will, we’re good!
      And, yes, you can use this photo for your haiku 🙂


      1. Great–there’s not much I like more than good communication!! 🙂 I will always ask permission–and you can always say “no” 🙂

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