Primary Politics


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Have you decided?

No, have you?

How many have you seen?

The line was so long at the one earlier!

When do you think you will decide?

Bits and pieces of conversation drifted past me as I waited in line today to see one of the Democratic candidates speak. The New Hampshire Presidential Primary is next week and it’s crazy around here. As it has been every 4 years for the 40+ years I’ve lived in NH.

I’m not nearly as legit as being an actual native. If you are not born in NH you are still from away. However…I digress…

As a long time registered voter, I am well prepared for the onslaught of eager candidates who start trying to win my vote as early as a year ahead of time. It is exciting…for a while. And then it isn’t…as the Vote For Me postcards and flyers pile up. As the television ads become more than tiresome. Persistent phone calls at dinner time. Blah Blah Blah.

Today was my fourth (and last) attendance at a political rally. To see a candidate I had hoped would come back to my area. It was held in a church in the middle of the afternoon and attendees sitting in the pews were “older” for the most part. I didn’t see as many from the under 30 crowd as I have at weekend town halls and rallies.

Looking around, I was struck by the air of anticipation. Hopeful expressions. Women and men sitting patiently. Sliding over in pews to let more people have a place to sit. Attentive. Waiting for the candidate to appear, as innocuous rock music played from a nearby speaker. Small American flags on wooden sticks were passed out. Cell phone cameras poised. Polite clapping for the local dignitaries who “warm up the crowd” before the candidate is introduced.

A half dozen media outlets had video cameras set up on large tripods in the back of the room. Photographers snapped pictures with impressive professional cameras (which I tried to get a look at!). They were everywhere. There is no privacy at these events. But I know to expect that.

The candidate appeared – almost 30 minutes late, but nobody seemed to mind – full of smiles and ideas and plans. This candidate was authentic. Smart. Relaxed. Eager to share family stories and work experience. I get you was the message. This is what I will do.

The crowd’s attention was laser focused as we listened to the candidate’s message of realistic possibilities, common sense and empathy. Definitely a different vibe than what I had experienced before. And I liked it.

Finally, I have found a candidate I can be enthusiastic about.

New Hampshire politics at its best.


7 thoughts on “Primary Politics

    1. Thanks! It isn’t something I will write about often, but I was fascinated to explore why this particular event stood out to me from the others. And how different an in-person experience can be – even more so in a group setting. Truly unique.

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      1. You’re right – it is exceedingly difficult to cut through the hype…and the anger and the fear. After a while all it is – is noise. I was ever so grateful to be surrounded (yesterday) by positives.

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