Sunshine’s Macro Monday – Almost Underfoot

Inspired by Sunshine’s Macro Monday #18


During a walk in the woods a week or so ago, I remembered to look down.

Then I got a bit closer.

Let’s not forget what has fallen off those trees with the once gorgeous leaves and needles.

Before everything is crunched and flattened on the ground by wildlife or walkers such as myself.

Before it all eventually disappears…under the snow.

I believe there is always something eye catching in nature…even at the end of the life cycle.

34 thoughts on “Sunshine’s Macro Monday – Almost Underfoot

  1. One almost doesn’t want to know what those little touches of bright red are, so mysterious and beautiful. I also like the leaf on the right with its holes … there’s something very touching that you’ve captured. I hope you keep this one where you can lay hands on it… it would make a beautiful cover for any collection of your photos.

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  2. Oh Wowza, this is sublime! So often I read your posts when, apparently, I’m in an emotional frame of mind…so this one caused me to be misty-eyed, not a bad thing 🙂 Hope it’s okay to reblog–it MUST be shared ❤

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  3. Reblogged this on The Friday Sparrow and commented:
    The author of One Letter Up is a wonderful woman whose heart I relate to. Her photos are nothing short of magnificent, and the meaning she embroiders on ALL her posts usually touches me so deeply that I get weepy…though sometimes they offer light amusement…either way, she blesses my days immeasurably. Enjoy this post–and Please Remember to Leave Your Comments At Her Blog, Thank You!!

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