Tuneful Tourism

Inspired by Frank at Dutch goes the Photo Challenge: Tourism

So share some of your favorite spots from among your travels and tell us a bit about why you enjoyed it!


I decided to take a break from posting photos from my favorite destination in California, and go with a tourist spot more local for this challenge. Perhaps others have the same experience in that we take for granted what is practically in our backyard.

Although I don’t live in Portsmouth, New Hampshire, it is within driving distance from my home. Despite the eclectic restaurants and shops lining the streets, I tend to avoid it because of the parking hassles. And seemingly supersonic growth of hotels and high end condos.

What happened to what was once a quaint little city?


Vacationers travel from all over the world to visit Portsmouth – especially in the summer.  And for good reason. It’s also the time of year when I may brave the crowds…and the parking challenges. To pull up my lawn chair at the Prescott Park Arts Festival. This festival began on a much smaller scale in 1974…and is still going strong. A beautiful spot of land right next to the harbor.

I keep an eye on the schedule when it comes out each June. If I’m lucky, I can sit under the stars and watch a favorite musician or two perform. Many attendees bring a picnic dinner. Since the stage is also used for the summer musical, you never know what decorative sets will serve as the backdrop for that evening’s concert.

Two memorable nights:

Remember Peter, Paul and Mary?
Peter Yarrow gave a magical performance one night in 2012 – charming everyone there when he invited children up on stage at the end of the concert.

Prescott park 2012
Prescott Park 2012
pete yarrow
Prescott Park 2012


One of my all time favorite Prescott Park concerts was in 2013.

Mary Chapin Carpenter and Marc Cohn shared the stage for another amazing night in the park.

prescott park 2013
Prescott Park 2013

Perhaps I’m a tourist after all.

Grateful for the opportunity right down the highway!

12 thoughts on “Tuneful Tourism

  1. I’m glad you overcame your resistance and had a great time. Love the photos of Peter Yarrow, a dear man. I sometimes underestimated PP&M, their commitment to worthwhile causes was lifelong.

    A different folkie memory of mine was hearing James Taylor at Tanglewood, MA. I wasn’t his biggest fan but there’s something about music outdoors that relaxes audience and performers, and it was a wonderful night.

    I have dear friends living in Portsmouth further from the center and still love it … so much depends on when you first visit a place re noticing if it’s more touristy, etc. Luckily, if one wants “quaint” on the NE coast, keep driving — Ogunquit, Cape Porpoise, even Bar Harbor … there are plenty of ’em. OTOH, good culture and perhaps a cappuccino or two … and voila, tourists!

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    1. Thanks! I can get over dealing with the (relative) craziness for something like this. I know what you mean about PP&M – they were lower key than some of the more outspoken groups of the time. Outdoor concerts have a very different vibe – especially at night. I guess that’s where the magical comes in.
      Downtown Portsmouth is a great place to bring visitors, as it has something for just about everyone. I just remember when it was easier to get around “back in the day.” However, there is more to offer now. A trade-off for sure.


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