Frame it

Lens-Artists Challenge #66: Filling the Frame

You can include images of buildings, people, objects, and/or elements from nature.  Feel free to include shots of the same subject before you filled the frame and after you filled the frame.


This past summer I had a butterfly experience.

In fact…a massive butterfly experience. As a photographer, I had never been this up close and personal with so many butterflies. As I was to find out, butterfly bushes are instrumental in attracting these beautiful – and elusive – quick-to-fly-away insects.

At first I was drawn to the bushes themselves.

butterfly bush one
But, after filling the frame, I got the scene I wanted.

A butterfly resting at (almost) center stage, highlighted against its signature flowers.

butterfly bush zoom
Filling the Frame


More recently, I found a patch of ferns in varying degrees of Autumn decay tucked behind a wire fence.

ferns one


But on closer inspection…I uncovered an entirely different perspective.

A dance of textures and shades of green plus brown.


Not so much.

ferns two
Filling the Frame


18 thoughts on “Frame it

  1. The colors of that butterfly are fabulous! What a wonderful surprise to discover it. It’s true that new perspectives and details are revealed when you step closer to the subject. Glad that this experiment was helpful!

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      1. I do! So calming
        And we were on a hike last week and I saw brand new baby ferns in bright green! Like it was plugged in… and your full frame of fernies reminded me of that a little

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